2 Stroke Bicycle Engine No Start?


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10:10 AM
Mar 30, 2024
Houston TX
Just bought a bike and a motor kit to get to work until I can afford to fix my transmission. Put it together last night. Started up no problem. Rode it for about 10 mins at low speeds to test it all out. This morning I went to ride again and it’s not starting.

Held the spark plug while dropping the clutch and I got fire. Compression sounds good and all nuts are tight on the head as well. There’s fuel with the float.

When I drop the clutch it sounds like it’s starting up but bogs out with gas and if I disengage the clutch it just goes silent.

I’m new to this and I’ve spent the last 10 hours looking at videos and trying different things.

(EDIT) I did take the cover from over the magneto and one side of the magnet had a strong pull when I touched it with my screwdriver and the other side had pull but was weak. Maybe that’s the problem? Not sure.
Glad to see you put some homework to use before posting. I wish more people would do that.

I will say this, if you are running the plug it came with, get rid of it. Those cheap plugs are notoriously crappy and a well documented source of issues. Go to the parts store and get an NGK 7534 (B6HS) or 3922 (BR6HS). The latter being a resistor plug, and if you are using a bike computer or other electronics it is a good plug to run to prevent EM interference.