No idle no throttle

ImpulseRocket,you were spot on I opened up the side cover that has the drive sprocket and the chain kinda bunched up in there a little bit was easy enough to fix. When I got my bike out to ride it felt funny low and behold the back rim is warped I guess. So this is a new one on me so any advise is appreciated. When I seen it looked warped I went through a tightened all the spokes thinking that would help but it didn't it wheel may be garbage I was going to mag wheels anyway but I'd rather transition into them It's been a beautiful day to ride but as usual I'm not.
You can fix the rim if the sprocket is in alignment. Does the sprocket have any run out if you spin the wheel?
Sounds like you experienced chain jam. If you can get rid of a tensioner and get the tension proper without it you will be way less likely to experience this problem again. Could you maybe post some pictures of your current wheel situation?
I will tomorrow when I get good light. I think maybe the wheel isn't ruined I've been working on it I'll let y'all know tomorrow.
Oooh, Oooh, I got my very own Mini-Me