No idle no throttle


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Nov 18, 2023
Hey guy,me again. I got the clutch issue I had resolved I'm sitting for a rest trying to get a ride in and I'm so tired oh asking question and not riding but if I want to ride I need help. Ok I seems to me I've got the three things to make this bike go a boat load of compression,fire and fuel I've double checked the slide in the carb to make sure it is in there correctly,the bowl of the carb has plenty of gas,when I twist the throttle there is a good range of motion so IDK other than this is the same NT carbonator I had on my zeda 100 the only thing I can think of is I cracked the Idle screw way bake when I took it off I didn't want it to be too high starting out on this engine. Oh I forgot the explanation of what it's doing I do seem to have to be going quite fast for it to get running and as long as I don't pull the clutch it will run if I can peddle also I twist the throttle nothing at all each time I stop I'm twisting the idle screw in so I hope somebody knows what's up with this I sure don't. I'm going to try to get another couple of attempts to start it before dark and my burnt legs will let me. Thank alot guys.
What does the plug look like? If I had to guess I would assume the float is either hanging up, or the float needle is not seating correctly. It almost sounds like the bowl is slowly overflowing at idle, which is why once you get moving and start using fuel everything starts to clear up and run right. Once you stop the bowl starts to fill up again and restarts the whole process.
I'll look at the plug this evening when I get home from work. It never clears up what happens I pedal to get up to speed pop the clutch engine turns over in retrospect maybe not actually firing maybe just the sound of the engine turning over. I think I'll be purchasing a new spark plug this evening the two I have have been although briefly been in and out of three engines. Maybe it just needs a little spark hmmm.
Well another problem solve it was the magneto I just changed them out. Next problem it's reving to high I mean way to high so high with no throttle I can barely stop it pull in the clutch revving way high to the point I'm afraid it'll blow up. When it cools down I'm going to run some rtv over any seem that might have a air leak. I've been cranking the idle button down to no avail. Wow though there is a monster that wants to be let loose its heads and shoulders above my zeda 100 in power.
You can save yourself a bunch of time by getting a squirt battle with some water in it and misting down the intake and carb connections. Wherever the leak is, the engine will stall.
Thank you,I rtv'ed anywhere I thought there might be a leak but after this test run and it's still happening I'll try that.