2 stroke motorized bike not wanting to start, doesn't make any noise when I let out the clutch.


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4:41 AM
Aug 17, 2023
My bike won't even start late last night I got it started it took about 45 minutes and I set the idle screw and when I went to go start it I pedaled and the engine never fired like it normally does can someone please give me some input
I took my choke off so im thinking that was the problem being that it took so long to finally start
but now it's not even starting.

Tighten the 4 cylinder hold down nuts on top of the cylinder...All that oily mess all around and in the cylinder fins is the first clue usually that these nuts have not been retorqued as they will loosen up after heat and cool down cycles...Do NOT retorque when hot, only when completely cold.

While your at it, you might as well also check the carburetor tightness on the intake as well as the intake bolts themselves and then check the exhaust manifold bolts too.
When you let out the clutch, do you feel the motor engaging? Like is it turning? piston moving?
When I release the clutch it makes noise like it's going to start but then doesn't after putting in a new plug and everything is tight I got the bike 2 years ago from a guy that my old ex boss knew but it wasn't built right cuz I wrecked it 3 times when I first got it and ever since it's been having problems but they've been taken care of I took off the choke a few months ago thinking I didn't need it but the other night I realized I did need it cuz it took about 45 minutes to start and I adjusted the idle and after that is when it didn't want to start again then I realized the spark plug had fouled and then got a new one but now it's not starting so it might be the dang clutch
Is that bad? The ratio is 50-1 what kind of oil do you use or recommend?
Sure your mixing it right?

You don't want to go below 32:1 for a well broken-in engine and 20:1 for a baby engine.

If you are using 10% ethanol fuel (which you should find non ethanol fuel) then get a 2 stroke oil with ethanol stabilizer.