Chain Tensioner Chain Idler Too Big !


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11:42 PM
Jul 18, 2008
Franklin, TN
Im doing an install ( actually my second) and the chain idler is too large for the smaller diameter tube. Anyone else run into this and what did you do to mount the idler ? On the first bike I got tired of messing with it and welded it to the tube but didn't want to do that again if I could help it. Thanks for any ideas.

Nevermind ...... I took my mig welder and built up the metal on the bracket in the center then ground it smooth. Hopefully it will not shift :)
Yeah, I just beat some of the curve out of mine with a hammer! Mine has a gradually thinning tube so bracket needed to be adjusted accordingly.
Those ' supplied ' brackets scare me, at minimum, I'd use Fine thread bolts,
Stop Nuts, and bed the bracket in Epoxy Paste before torqueing in place.
Brazing to stay would be good, welding bike tubing, not recommended.
[ changes metal properities. ]

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I encourage better idlers , the S + L looks intresting , Seat Post Mount,
away from spokes.