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Jan 11, 2020
Dear Fellow Motorheads,
Have around 38km's on my 66cc motobike and am using a 4 bolt bracket ridgid tensioner that came with the Pk 80 kit (California Motorbikes). Bought another T-type tensioner, as that worked great on my 49cc until it was stolen. Also bought the sprocket drive cover spring loaded tensioner to possibly try out. Has anyone tried the ridgid half moon bracket that bolts to the bike frame and has just one idler wheel bolted to it? I realize that no tensioner works for some people and that there is more than one way to skin this cat. Not sure if I should try to replace the stock chain at this point, as I am waiting to see how much it stretches. The idler wheel was adjusted no more than 1/16", but the chain play still varies from 1/4 to 3/4". Any assistance, as always, is greatly appreciated-Gearhead437
I made an arch tensioner for my 4X bike. I used an alternator bracket from a hot rod for a SBC. It will need a little twist in it if the drop outs aren't parallel.
Dear Chainlube,
Thanx for the quick and detailed reply! Anybody else?-Gearhead437

With some DIY using a real skateboard wheel and internal spacer along with real locking hardware, these work well.

Trick is to get as little slack as possible before you install it.
I've had pretty good luck with he original style. The CMB one lost it's pulley (but after many miles) but the upgraded one I got on Amazon (smaller bolts, though still 4, and better bearings). The only other problem I have had is from not paying attention to it, it threw the chain cuz it needed tightened.

And, as was said if the rear wheel stays aren't parallel, it's a PITA. The regular ones are pretty good if you keep an eye on them.
The four bolt tensioners are the best of a bad situation. As you said, if you keep an eye on them, they will work just fine.

Chain suggested that tweaking the angle with a big crescent wrench solves all things.