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    Hey guys,

    I'm a 3D CAD artist/engineer/mad scientist and I just wanted to share my latest model with you. The file package can be purchased here:

    If you're into CAD, you can use this to help design your next frame. It's accurate to within .001" so you know everything will fit prior to real life mock up.

    80ccEngine - Clay.1127.jpg 80ccEngine.1080.jpg 80ccEngine.1117.jpg 80ccEngine.1120.jpg
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  2. Fabian

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    Many thanks for making this available to everyone.

    Can you make CAD drawings of a big bore engine variant of the current 66cc engine, with a genuine 80cc swept capacity.
    I would like to get a metalised 3D printed engine with integrated shift kit, but i would settle for just the engine.

    It would be quite an impressive engine to have sitting on the workbench, not to mention designing a GT LTS frame with integrated mounting points for the engine and integrated shift kit assembly.
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    MOTOMTB Member

    Ofcourse, I can do anything you can dream of. I would need specs though...

    If someone wants this model, and doesn't want to go through Turboswuid, I can make it available privately also. Just PM me.

    hahaha, are you serious about metal printing the head? Do you know about 3D printing at all?, because it would cost more than your entire bike and probably a few friends bikes to do that.
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  4. KCvale

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    Cool beans moto.
    Have you seen the gasbike animated exploded video of all the engine parts coming off and going back on?
    They leave out some key parts like bearings and such but it has a wealth of parts models.

    TIP: Turn your sound off unless you are fan of Rocky movies ;-}
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    MOTOMTB Member

    haha. Seriously, what's with that music eh. Yeah, actually that is a really really good 3D model, very detaield and nice presentation also. My model is highly detailed but I just didn't model the internal components like seals, bearings, etc. internals of the case etc. I would have had to take apart the case, which I didn't, I just modeled everything that could be seen without taking the case apart. It's mostly to be used as a prop for frame building, ie, building custom mounts etc. But be warned, I've seen discrepancies between motors, ie the bolt spacing has been different between two engines so take my model for what it's worth and do the double checking of the measurements. At worst case, the model can be modified very easily to your motors measurements, all the native Solidworks files are there.
  6. Fabian

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    I am sure that 3D printing is expensive, but if this project is to be played with, then it might as well play with some good ideas, such as splitting the crankcase horizontally, thereby integrating the cylinder and a well designed cylinder head and combustion chamber in a complete unit; eliminating the cylinder base gasket and the cylinder head gasket, not to mention creating a more rigid engine architecture.
  7. HeadSmess

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    far easier to print ABS plastic model of head and cylinder drawn as casting patterns, to make molds for casting of heads directly, as opposed to frustrating woodworking!

    agreed, 3d metal printing is still on the expensive side of things. and the end result.. iunno. doubt it would come up to spec on strength or other properties. metallurgy is a whole science in itself.

    at which point, again, better off designing a 4 stroke using common parts(honda say...) to replace the archaic HT... use a 50cc pit bike top end, new crankcase and shaft. done.

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    Yes, 3D printing in plastic to make molds would be ideal. Direct 3D metal printing would probably work but you would be looking at 5-10K for a cylinder head :)
    If I had time, I would design a mini 4 stroke motor like the china honda clones that they use in the motopeds and that I use for my dirt bikes. Maybe just integrate a 2 speed transmission for kicks, design it with a super slim profile specifically for motored bikes..... *dreams.
  9. Fabian

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    Now we are talking turkey.
    HeadSmess, you have to make this happen!
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    Thanks MOTOMTB. I use AutoCAD everyday at work. Some days, I even get to use MicroStation.
  11. KCvale

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    3D printing is going to be a game changer for sure.
    Again nice work.

    Just for giggles and grins you could buy a gasbike $99 completely unassembled engine kit and have every part there is all nice and clean.
    I know you are just mocking up an engine for frame fitting but you might enjoy seeing what exactly is inside those things.
  12. HeadSmess

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    3d printing IS THE game-changer, fosho homes!

    i recently purchased a cheap base-line printer.

    now im frustrated cus im over linux and need a puter with windows again...and a good graph card... i havent been able to draw for months! i have the printer on a very ancient windows puter, but that things goes~beep~if you so much as look at it, so drawing...its not for!

    the printer(interestingly, uses arduino circuitry)...well,if buying one...spend a bit more. what i have works (prusa mendel) but its very basic... of course, i intend to,

    a; redesign a printer using all the nice bearings and rails i now have, and print out the pieces that i can, machine the others...and make something that works, reliably, with at least 5 times the height (200x200mm is fine for the base but by 100mm max? pfffft! theres nothing to definitely locate the z and therefore the x axis and its hanging on springs??)
    b; i forgot what i was going to say here...
    c; ah! yes...tricolour or full colour printing!(i wonder if they have software that can break a file down to colours and shades? 3 colours they do, but 3 primary plus black and white? 5-full colour? iunno...)

    you could MAKE a metal printer following a few routes...powder fusion or arc deposition...a simple tig head, cnc controlled arm, wire fed or powder screeded... they dont HAVE to use lasers ;)(even sunlight? google youtube) lots of fiddling! powder requires powder:)dunce:maybe, but where, exactly, do you buy titanium alloy powder? and then heat treat it afterwards?) and a sealed box purged and filled with argon...

    it always has the one drawback that the metal is not deposited as one piece in one go. grain lines. flaw lines. crystal growth as the metal cools and reheats continuously... you may have some whizz bang alloy but unless its cast or forged, its useless...

    i think metal printing is cool, but i dont think it will ever take over excepting the few areas it has found use. medical/dental, prototyping, etc.

    fabian, for half my life or more now, ive been buying machine tools and learning all these things, mainly with the intention of achieving just that...the ideal pushbike engine! a rich uncle would have helped im sure... mmm, air-conditioned shed with expensive machine tools and materials just a phone call or short walk away! rather than slave away all day just to eat, to find ones too tired to do anything but lounge around at home in between. look at the mess of masses of accumulated..."junk"... ;) on the weekends, sigh, and go for a ride instead :jester:

    remember i live in the only state, it seems, worldwide, that has forced me to go back to another passion...

    steam :)

    could run on diesel! (actually a good idea...)

    propane for the initial quick startup, diesel kicks in once hot and running. (yet another pump required!)

    nah, the 4 stroke motor idea lives on... a miniaturised whizzer! f them, and their law :)
  13. butre

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    3D printing is great for prototyping or one-off designs where strength isn't crucial but there doesn't seem to be any way to print anything strong out of metal. everything I've seen has the strength of vietnamese pot metal.

    forging, casting, and milling will always be the way to go.
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    That 3dp 1911 shoots to this day
  15. KCvale

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    Shoots what hahaha ;-}
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