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    Is it me or is this site too **** complex to be dealt with??? I'm not a computer techy person, I'm a bike builder. All I want to do is upload pics of my micargi Prado deluxe chopper build. I am quite proud of it. I have supernova e3 headlight and tailight powered by a shimano alternator hub in the front laced to a 26" double wall rim, a modified exhaust with an expansion chamber tunable by squeezing the tail cone together. A 28mm mikuni Carb with homemade manifold, a motor side chain tensioner made from a stock derailer. I have no baffles in the tail pipe and have seen time and again how it helps people to see me by hearing me. The led headlight is an absolute trunk melter, and lights up street signs 4 blocks ahead at night! How can I upload pics?????
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    Here goes with pic attempt! Loool

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    By Jove I've done it I think! This is my chopper build after riding a huffy for three seasons and learning a bit from that. My bikes are not flawless, I find flawless is too hard to keep up, and much prefer serviceable to showroom. I've include a pic of a lift I made with my floor Jack, by welding my favorite angle iron, old bed rails, to the pad. I then welded a lug with a nut tacked on to the frame downtube so the bike bolts to the lift cradle. The bike then can be swiveled 36° so no need to move all tools around. Performance with this machine is not as good as the huffy. I got 45mph out of the huffy but so far only 28 with this one. Does anyone know of a China motor with 100 CC? Iowa has no CC limit anymore as this limit couldn't be applied to Electrics. They have instead opted for a simple limit-over 30 MPH motorcycle(don't rat me out ok?) And under thirty =moped. Thanks to large philipino for explaining the PICT upload procedure. I'm deoing this exclusively on my Droid!!! What a phone!!!
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    Great chopper. It looks great but it's more go then show.
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    Hey thanks man!!! That's what I'm going for!!! I like to ride not polish!