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    Wow! Thanks very much everyone for your advice/ideas and input to my questions. I have reviewed some links, and feel comfortable with purchasing a 50cc Titan engine kit. This is my first try with a bike motor, and I expect to have a lot of fun.

    I wonder if I might beef up the sprocket a bit and purchase a Kings custom sprocket?? - the hardened Aluminum type they machine.

    As well, I see Kings also sells a beefier sprocket adapter, but not sure if it will work with the Titan 50 cc sprocket, or the beefier replacement sprocket that I may purchase from Kings?

    I wonder if I adapted Kings beefier sprocket and sprocket adapter to the Titan Kit - how it would work out??

    Basically looking to make things as tough as possible, especially for a try at -40c riding.

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    Welcome to Mbc

    Welcome mate..ENO (Down Under)..Good forum for info and some pics and some problems and they all get on board..Good luck ENO (Oz)
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    i have hered nothing but good things about the adapter and kings sprockets. I would highly suggest you buy both of these items.

    as a side note, the stock setup that comes with your kit does a fine job but you really have to make sure its on true and centered.

    *the adapter and a king sprocket will eliminate these problems! much more user friendly.

    good luck, and have fun. be sure to read a bit more about the must do's of new kits