d.i.y. stainless air filter ($5 tooth brush holder)

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by icyuod2, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. icyuod2

    icyuod2 Member

    i've been trying to do away with all the plastic on my boardtracker.
    while wondering through walmart yesterday, i came up with a cool idea for an air filter.
    it all starts with a $5 ss toothbrush holder. there where a few to choose from, but only one type with a tight fitting lid.
    i used the plastic screen in the stock filter as a template /screen. i did have to remove the taps with an x-acto.
    you'll need to drill a hole for both bolts and the nut that holds on the choke, and of coarse, holes for the air to flow through.

    once the holes are inplace, its just a question of bolting the toothbrush holder to the carb (you'll have to replace/cut down the original bolts), adding a sponge and your done.

    while i'm not sure its improved preformance,it hasn't hindered it.

    does look cool though. :)

  2. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    I like it! I wish I had that kind of space.

    The whole bike is top notch.
  3. crackers

    crackers Member

    Way Cool bike! First time I saw your bike you were working on a kill switch, it's came a long way, grate job
  4. Bikewer

    Bikewer New Member

    Very clever! The tecumseh engine I'm working on has no air cleaner, so I'm looking for ideas. This general layout may well serve.
  5. mmachine

    mmachine Member


    Love your gas tank.
  6. icyuod2

    icyuod2 Member

    thx guys, i appreciate the kind words.
    i'm currently tearing it all down for paint. can't wait till its finished.
  7. DaveC

    DaveC New Member

    That is a nice peice of work

    I love the turn of the century (20th) very "retro". Looks like the Indians and Harley of the early years.
    Do you have a record of the work or a thread to it?
  8. icyuod2

    icyuod2 Member

    my build thread actually took place on a couple other forum's (the competition and ratrodbikes.com)

    i do have some pictures in the gallery

    just for you dave, a quick run down of the build.
    started life as a girls ross compact.
    the bones of the build (gas pipe frame mod's)
    and the engine mounts
    the early working's of the tank (while it was still a 26" build)
    the old pan seat before mods/being recovered.
    and most important, the first ride.
  9. DaveC

    DaveC New Member

    I see you went from the balloon white tires to a black. Once paint is on are you goingto try the white tires again?
    As for your forks did you just chop up a old set or did you build them from scratch?

  10. icyuod2

    icyuod2 Member

    that was back when i was using 26" rims. i've since dropped to 24" rims for a number of reasons. (mainly transportation)

    i would love cream tires, but unfortunatly, nobody makes 24" cream tires that fit my build.

    the 24" thick bricks are the only option, and to use them i'd have to move motor mounts, chain tensioners seat etc etc. its alot of work just to have cream tires. i figure the next one's gonna have cream tires. :)

    the forks, well thats a vintage set from a cougar mx 500
    i had to extend them to fit the 24's.

    i decided to go with the ratty look, black tires and all. i'm hoping i can find some flat gold paint for pinstriping, so the entire build looks old and faded.
  11. DaveC

    DaveC New Member

    I'm going by a local shop that takes donations. I well see if any frames, forks and rims pop out at me. I am drawn to this hobby like a moth to a flame. I see the standard motor bikes and shrug but this type of work has some effect on me.:idea:
  12. Pirate88179

    Pirate88179 Member

    Excellent idea and execution on the air filter. That looks really sharp. Your bike is fantastic too. It is a nice fit the filter and your MB.

  13. icyuod2

    icyuod2 Member

    i managed to finish her up. its only been a year in the making. :p
  14. Pirate88179

    Pirate88179 Member

    Man! That is a beautiful bike there! Excellent job on all of the details. How does she ride?

  15. icyuod2

    icyuod2 Member

    its fun as ****!

    the bike is quite small (24" wheels, compact frame) its super easy to throw around due to the size.(like a bmx)

    i bet 30 different friends/family(from 12years old to 70) have taken it for a ride.
    the response is usually something along these lines.
    how much it cost to build? followed by i gotta get me one of these! :)
    all rides end with a big grin. :)

    i had a few friends that ride "real motorcycles" (cb 900f,and a couple harleys)
    they where out riding and decided to stop in for a beer.
    let me tell ya, those guys razzed me something fierce about my little "bicycle".
    told me i needed to stop wasting my time and buy a real motorcycle (like i need another.lol)
    jeff had beer shooting out his nose he was laughing so hard at me.(this is all before the custom tank and paint where finished.

    i manage to convince them to take it for a ride.
    well look who's laughing now! 2 of them have already purchased engine kits
    and theres talk of a boardtrack curcuit next year! (gotta give em time to build)
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  16. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    How about using a plastic travel soap dish (the rectangular kind with a lid that slides over the bottom half)?
    You could cut out the intake hole with a exacto knife after drilling the first hole, and after making the carb hole, you could drill air holes as desired, and use a foam element or sponge like someone suggested.

    [​IMG] various types exist, try walmart and dollar stores

  17. hurricane

    hurricane Member

    very cool build, you came up with some very clever ideas, but your fake sprocket on the crank gave me a chuckle
  18. icyuod2

    icyuod2 Member

    that fake sprocket was key when it came to stylizing this ride after a 1912 indian.
    without it, it just looked like another bicycle with an moped engine strapped to it. :)
  19. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    Although it's not my type of bike, it's one slick ride. I see you really took your time and did it up right. I also see you can do more then just put a kit on. I see that you still use the OEM clutch cable set up. Make yourself one of these, I know that you will see it will make all the difference in clutch operation.
  20. hurricane

    hurricane Member

    Yea it does add to the aesthetics of your build for sure and I understand why you added it.

    Your filter housing is also very cool.

    did you make that kickstand ? It appears it is just held on by the rear bolts ,does it loosen when you use it ?

    @Al,the mod is very use full , I built two of them myself and it does help with clutch pull and I will admit I got the idea from one of your posts.