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    Ugg unfortunately yesterday afternoon i was riding along at 15 mph and heard a clank and the engine just dropped out. It would still turn over but would not start back up. So I pulled the head and the barrel - Result... Big metal gouge in the cylinder wall, metal flakes protruding off the head as they were forced in there somehow, cracked and bent intake port all the way down to the base of the cylinder and about a half an inch movement from the rod. Will post pics in a few hours.

    So basically this engine is gone and prob would be better off getting a new one unless the crank is still good and not scored up...

    Has anyone dealt with Gas-Bike/King MB about a replacement or partial payment for a new engine? Purchased the kit in Sept. and am out of there 30/60 day warranty but they mainly stated for protection against seizing of the engine, which this obviously wasn't the case. Going to email or call tomorrow. Should I email them the pictures or just ship them engine put together?

    This is their 66/80 2010 Grubee kit w/ CNS carb which ran great these few months until now :( If anyone has any other information/advice I would appreciate it!:bowdown:
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    Pics!! Sorry for the dog hair lol

    Last pic is of the stupid gasket for the carb

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    Well judging by the damage to the transfer ports, something other than the intake charge tried to transfer from the bottom end to the top end and got caught in between the piston and cylinder.
    How is the wrist pin bearing?
    How is the big end bearing?
    How are the crank bearings?
    Are any missing a bearing cage?

    Sorry to hear of the demise of your engine.
    FWIW, all that dog hair would probably seal up the carb to manifold connection pretty well.....:thinking:
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