Safety Dorky, or Saftey

Discussion in 'Travelling, Commuting & Safety' started by Stan4d, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Stan4d

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    Are Flags, Vests and Glowing triangles better than looking Cool with a clean ride? However you ride I would like to know what you do to be visible, while acting like your invisible. I am currently wearing a saftey vest, just like road crews do and am looking into a strobelight for my bike like industrial equepment has. This will vastly detract from the classic bike look I like, but it will keep me safe.
    How about input? How can you look cool and be visible?

  2. give me vtec

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    I try to stay visible in other ways...

    I wear a surplus army jacket, crocks, and a soviet/Canadian style hat with furry ear flaps while riding a noisy/smoky 2 stroke motorized bicycle. If you dont notice me, you shouldn't be driving.

    A caltrans style road vest is a little special ed for me.... but then again what I wear would probably qualify as special ed to somebody out there. If it keeps you from having an accident I say go for it.

    To answer your question... I would rather be safe than cool any day of the week. Being alive and functional is way more valuable to me than looking good to other people.
  3. Huntington

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    When I was working nights I would ride my MB at 3-4am, after my first trip I bought an orange vest. I never had a great lighting system but I could tell the vest helped, I felt safer too. Never wore it during the day but it was a must have at night. I also wear a helmet. Currently I am building a MB with safety in mind. Biger stronger wheels, a real 12v lighting system, working brake light, blinkers.. the works.

    I know who I am, and sometime who I am is a dork, so be it... as long as I get laid at the end of the day. :)
  4. dmfelicia

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    Hey Stan,

    My opinion is that the lights will be very effective and will look cool as well. You can buy reflective plastic stickers that are white in color to stick to your helmet which should still look cool. Lastly the vest is not the coolest looking thing but it is the most visible, a cooler but slightly less effective alternative might be these types of reflective jackets :


    PS Finished my bike. It runs awesome and I am addicted. I am going to post a thread about my throttle though with some picks. If you have time could you check it out?
  5. professor

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    If you want to keep your bike attractive to yourself, just put all the safety stuff on your body (not counting lights). I love the orange safety vests- they stand out- they look real purposeful. You WANT to look like you know what you are doing, respect comes that way.
  6. KilroyCD

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    I wear a safety vest or a tee shirt of the same color (road crew-style neon chartruese). Of course, I also wear a DOT - approved half helmet but it's CHiPs white. I figured it would be more visible than a black one.
  7. GearNut

    GearNut Active Member

    Hmmm, a coating applied after the jacket was manufactured. Hmmmm....
    I wonder how well it withstands multiple washings and trips in the dryer.
    It certainly looks cool, and is as reflective as anything else safety wise out there.
  8. fm2200

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    Whenever I ride at night the tail light and headlight are really all you really need. If you still think reflective stuff will save you fine, but if they don't see your red tail light there probably to drunk or distracted to notice you anyway. Riding with your back to traffic when traveling down a road is always a risk, cars at times will use the shoulder or curb lane to pass slower moving vehicles. Trucks are real vision blockers when you are about to make the illegal pass in the right lane. The problem is most guys that are in that much of a hurry will be speeding when making the quick move and will not be able to stop in time.
  9. seanhan

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    I know the

    Flags and Vest are great for safety !!!!
    But sometimes being COOL is more important !!!!!
  10. Hawaii_Ed

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    Safety all the way. I wear a fluorescent yellow Jersety, disco belt on my backpack, gloves, boots, pants, etc. I get some looks when the harley guys go by in shorts and flip flops with no helmet! LOL!
  11. GearNut

    GearNut Active Member

    I would rather be a live dork guy than a dead cool guy.
    I know what road rash feels like, I don't wanna know what road pizza feels like!
    Safety first!
  12. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    My original thought (and there have been very good suggestions here), Was how to look cool and be safe at the same time. I have also looked at the LED thread, I am currently talking with my wife about a vest made with the LEDs in a pattern. Red on back and white (or that it does not blind you) on the front.
    It could even be made into a pattern of a Jolly Roger or the Confederate Battle Flag depending on the taste of the rider.....That would be something cool for night riding.
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  13. GearNut

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    With all due respect, James Dean was in a Spyder and he was hit by a Cadillac.
  14. Stan4d

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    Thank you so much. I have corrected my post. I have also read of the incident and I know that many questions still surround his death. :detective:Thank you for spuring me to research it instead of relying on a faulty memory.
    But I did find his last words to be fitting for this thread....His last known words, uttered right before impact, were said to have been "That guy's gotta stop... He'll see us."
  15. GearNut

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  16. Stan4d

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    Never a hi-jack when making one aware of his error.
  17. HseLoMein

    HseLoMein Member

    I want a green yellow safety jacket that says police on it. I think i will be the safest of them all.
  18. Dr. Doom

    Dr. Doom Member

    If a rider wore a helmet like this they would get everyone’s attention[​IMG]
  19. ElMicNip

    ElMicNip Member

    visibility, vunerability, & velocity: the 3 V's.

    personally I like it when cars see me at night. I have a refletive helmet and my white bike is highly reflective. I also have a large taillight that blinks plus 2 more for when it rains or is foggy (Pacific NW weather). Furthermore, I have a yellow blinking light for the front and a 900 lumen headlight (yes, 900 LUMENS). The headlight can flash too, but I feel its kinda dangerous because it is sooooo bright. I get cars high beaming me. That is what the yellow light is for, but I use it mostly for daytime use. In the Pacific NW we are overcast almost all year so its smarrt to make sure auto's see you.

    reflective tape on helmet
    reflective paint (looks great with the flat black at night)
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  20. professor

    professor Active Member

    I never thought about reflective paint, good idea.
    As for the POLICE vest- my son is an officer and he had "T" shirts like that, he mentioned only police can wear stuff like.
    I guess it is considered impersonating an officer.
    You could wear one if you want, but it may gather a kind of notice that you don't want.