Dremel use on sprocket?


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6:03 PM
Feb 21, 2008
San Luis Obispo, CA
I need to enlarge my sprocket hole because of the larger coaster brake hub and was wondering how everyone did theres. I have Dremel that I use to cut off bolts and what ever else I can use it for so thats always an option but there is no way I can make a nice circle. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
dremel might be a bit lightweight...i'm not sure a new-topic about this "basic" is appropriate...did you try searching for rear sprocket subjects? there is some good info to be had if ya do the footwork :)
Thanks! Ill try a little deeper. I tried looking up sprocket enlarging....nothing there. But Sorry for that! Ill take a closer look! Thanks Augi
search "rear sprocket hole" lotta hits but some good threads.

when i see you've jumped in on one, i'll delete this one :)