Eagerly waiting for my MB kit.

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    Hi All,
    I'm brand new to the forum and just signed on to say hello after digging out after 5 hours of shoveling snow in the Blizzard of '11. i'm awaiting a Kings Motorbike kit which should arrive on the 8th if the Postman can get through. I can hardly wait til spring when we go RVing. We're planning on using the MB's as a means of getting places after we've tied up the rig at a campsite. So looking forward to the ride. Hope to see many informative comments from all of you. Thanks again!

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    Limo...I, too, am awaiting on the delivery of your kits...you did get one for you and one for yur Lady, right? Send us photos and prog notes on your builds. We have some of the finest experts and real gurus in the area of MBs. Plenty of seasoned veterans will be glad to offer suggestions. My first one would be to throw out the nuts and bolts that come with the kits...they are usually junk. Go down to your lokal hardware store and replace them ,with Grade 8's and nylock nuts. The hardware guy will know what you are talking about (not like you have two heads)...get Stainless Steel if you plan to be in and about salt water. The cost is not overboard since there are only a few of them.

    Welcome to MBc, and welcome to our community which spans most of the globe...take a scan of our members list. If I may, where might you be planning to travel? If you plan to get to the south end of the Florida penninsula, IM me and maybe we could all go riding and flop a steak on the grill...we have the most beautiful beaches in the whole lower 48 states, and I'm sure my wife and I could put you up for a few days, and provide hot showers, clean sheets and towels (not to say the least for washer and dryer.) Happy and safe travels.
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