easy mod: engine-to-frame fasteners

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    hi all -

    one of the original engine-to-frame fasteners recently popped out at some point during a ride:eek:, so :idea:i replaced the 4 stock fasteners (mine were just threaded stems an a nylon-locking nut) -> with M36 Metric 10 mm head bolts. see pic.

    with this simple change out, i cut the vibration (while at cruising speed) way, way, way down.

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    Chances are that those bolts will also come out over time, probably a short one at that. A suggestion would be..first change ALL hardware, both the 6mm and 8mm jug studs with grade 5 (8.8 metric) grade 8 is overkill as you can't use more torque that of a grade 5. Use lock tite on all studs which you can't with bolts...I use red, followed by either nylon self licking or double nuts. Remember... 6mm torque is 50 inch pounds and 8mm is max 204 inch pounds...These figures are determined by the case material and not that of the fastener. I use about 50 on 6mm and 150 inch pounds on 8mm without any issues.
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