Easy stuff first



Hey, I figured it out. How come it is always something easy and we jump to conclusions of worst case scinarios? Just a loose wire. ThatsDax good thing you did not return my messages. I would have felt like a lazy man. It was only a loose wire conection.
thats the case usually i just did that same thing engine knock going to tear my engine all apart conviced it was a piston slap and bearings etc. it was the chain it was streched out and not fitting in the srocket good. a bad link so took it out replaced it with some new chain and viola back on the road again i ususally think the worst hahaha!!!! larry ca

Not a lose wire at all. Turned out I needed a magnito. How common is it for these to go bad? The resistance was .218 then I just checked it again and it was 296 on the 2K setting. Thatsdax is supposed to be mailing me a new one.