electric folder (heinzmann on a brompton) help needed

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by fireball_jones, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. hello there everyone,

    I have come to the GOOD side:clap: but theres a slight problem im not an electrical engineer :dunce: so there are a few difficulties.

    please let help me join the gang!!:grin5:

    i have been around on this forum for a while this was my last project,


    But the frame broke:eek:10::eek:10: so i got ...(drum roll).. brompton!!! one of the best folding bikes in the world.

    and decided to do my part to help the planet.

    so on the recommendation from the "pedelecs" forum in the uk i got the heinzmann second hand which im having some problems. Can you help me please

    basically I can not get it to start. I have attached a full set of photos to try and explain. the green light comes on but when i pull back the throttle no help from the motor. what am i doing/done wrong?

    just to explain the pictures.

    1, the bike
    2, engine spec
    3, hub mount
    4, 24v controller, do any of the hienzmann users know do i needed to keep the key switched on the on postion?
    5,control cabels
    6, showing connection from controller to battery
    7, batteries 4 x6v 12ah
    8, battery details
    9, fuse
    10,battery cables, do i but the positive fused end to the positive terminal of the battery?
    11,cabels "case"
    12, the set as i bought it. which came with two 13kg!!! 40ah 12v batteries but until i get a decent mounting these are staying in the bottom of my wardrobe.

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  2. my system is 24v but i will ask a few friends if they have multimeteres.

    i also took of the insul tape so you can see the connection from the controller to the hub

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  3. mabman

    mabman Member

    Welcome to the world of electronics. You will have a much better time finding input on your setup @ http://endless-sphere.com/forums/ but better people here:cool2:

    The jury is still out on the greenomics of electric vs. ICE though. If you look at the whole picture and factor in the pluses and minuses I think that ICE is every bit as eco as electric, costs less upfront, has more favorable regulations for speed and HP, and is readily understandable by more folks. You can take your small engine to a small engine shop but if you take it to your electric shop they will look at you funny.

    Not to say that they don't have a part in the future of motor assist bicycles as they do.
  4. sangesf

    sangesf New Member

    However... Some of us, don't have Driver's licenses, and for those of us that don't, electric is usually the ONLY way to go. Most states classify Motorized (w/Gas) Bicycles as Mopeds and you need a DL to use them on the open road... Such as Florida. (My State.)
  5. ozzyu812

    ozzyu812 Member

    That's why I'm running elec.
  6. duivendyk

    duivendyk Guest

    Without a multimeter you are up the creek without a paddle.Anything is suspect,motor,controller,cables&fuse (unlikely) most likely the controller,100A fuse does not necessarily protect it.You can try out the motor,by hooking up a single battery (6V) to the motor directly,observe polarity.Should run at 1/4 of normal speed.
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  7. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    Definately head over to Endless Sphere
    there are some very clever fellas there (unfortunately also alot of tossers) definitely a better
    bunch of people on this forum 'in general' but if your going electric you would be silly
    not to join up there IMO ;-)

    I totally disagree with ever other comment mabman made
    regarding electric v's ICE, no offense intended mate. I LOVE ICE
    myself and anything other than a bicycle would have one fact is
    the bicycle suits electric conversion to a tee and performance is
    WAAAAY above that of a lil 49cc ICE motor. 1-100meters in lil over
    6 seconds have you seeen ANY ICE power assisted bicycles that can
    get even close to that for acceleration? The are capable of well over
    100km/hr and the same in range if you have the $$$ for the latest
    battery tech...this is the ONLY thing holding the electric back the
    pricing of the latest batteries IMO..

    Stick with electric fireball tiz the way of the future as far as
    motorized bicycles are concerned, faster, cleaner, silent and
    smoother power delivery than ANY (legal ie. below 50cc motorized bike)
    ...apologies i can't offer much help though either im not a hub motor fan or
    familiar with your particular brand setup, suffice to say you will need a
    multimeter and tracking done the component that is the problem is a
    piece of cake, could be simple as loose wire or a dodgy throttle...fellas
    on ES will set you straight and let you know how to test any of the components
    to trouble shoot the issue...best of luck...cya at ES too :)