Engine starts but dies quickly afterwards??

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Ben_Tam64, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. Ben_Tam64

    Ben_Tam64 New Member

    When I pop the clutch, the engine starts as normal, but if I rev the throttle, the engine spurts a little and gives extremely little power ( Not even enough to move the bike).
    When I am going downhill or I have some momentum, the engine seems to sound healthier (But still limited engine revving).
    Once I start the engine though, I am rarely able to keep it running for more then ten or so seconds.

    Before this happened, I noticed that my engine seemed to be "skipping a beat" every now and then.

    Im a newbie at motors in general, and I thought i'd fish your brains for some ideas... Any suggestions??

    Many thanks

  2. mattysids

    mattysids Member

    I can help if you check your spark plug. Tell me if it is dark and oily or brownish in color.
  3. Ben_Tam64

    Ben_Tam64 New Member

    I just checked my spark plug, and it is black and oily.
    What do ya think it could be? Should I clean it out?

    Thanks for your reply
  4. Chris Crew

    Chris Crew Member

    check your electrical connenctions

    I took those crappy little connectors off and soldered my wires--a little grease in those things, or a poor fit from vibration spells intermittent sparks.

    Also, check and make sure that the plug wire is firmly seated on the plug and that the plug is tight in the hole.

    (all from experience)
  5. mattysids

    mattysids Member

    black and oily is a sign of a rich mixture.

    try raising your e-clip 1 notch (thereby lowering needle)
  6. MikeJ

    MikeJ Member

    When I first start my engine, I have to keep the RPMs up higher than normal until the engine warms up, else it dies just as you described. (My engine has 760 miles on it. It still "stumbles" if the RPM is in the low RPM range and I want to accelerate.)

    That little twist screw on the left side of your carb adjusts idle speed (some readers think that is a mixture valve; it is not). Twist that as your engine is running and you hear the results.

    Your "skipping a beat" comment indicates to me that your engine is being normal while it is not under load; a characteristic of most two-cycle engines. It is actually firing the fuel mixture every other or even every third cycle. Later on, when you place the engine under heavy load, such as some hill climbing or hard acceleration, your will hear your engine change tune and fire every cycle. It is much more gratifying to hear it actually fire every cycle.

    Get your engine RPMs up a bit short of wide open throttle.

    Be aware that you should already be in motion, such as a quick run pace, before popping the clutch. The engine clutch is not made to start motion from a dead stop.

    I hope this helps. It sounds to me like your engine is behaving normally.
  7. Ben_Tam64

    Ben_Tam64 New Member

    Success!!! I made my fuel leaner by raising the clip, works much better then before now!
    This is awesome, now I can non chalantly ride around my campus and pick up cute girls on my awesome motored bike ( Cause they all secertly wished they had one) !!!

    Thanks a bunch you guys,

    Much love
  8. Toysaresuss

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