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Federal Law



Can anyone show me on the internet where the federal law is stated about pedal assisted bicycles?



In the United States electric bicycles are regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. In Canada, where they are referred to as power-assisted bicycles, they are regulated by Transport Canada under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act. Veloteq electric bicycles are compliant with both US and Canadian federal regulations. The state and provincial electric bicycle laws of both countries are in the process of being harmonized with their respective federal regulations. They must have regulated markings mandated by the CPSC in the US and CMVSA in Canada indicating compliance with those laws or vendors and users may be charged with violations.

At the present time virtually all state laws in the US are harmonized with the new federal regulations. The only notable exception is the State of New York where regulations are currently under view.

Under US PL107-319 passed on December 4, 2002 jurisdiction over the requirements for electric bicycles was moved from the US Department of Transportation to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The United States Department of Transportation has defined an electric bicycle as any bicycle or tricycle with a low-powered electric motor weighing under 100 pounds, with a top motor-powered speed not in excess of 20 miles per hour. [12], under section 1202, under the definition of 'Electric Bicycle'. For further clarification, the weight restriction applies only to the motor, not the curb weight of the vehicle.


interesting about the federal law but isn't it the local stuff you have to worry about more?....I mean the man that busts you is more likely than not the local cop or shierff not the FBI....I guess it sucks either way to get a ticket!



Yes.. I agree. So..If you see other people or local cops, hit the kill switch and pedal.


Kill switch

That is my strategy. I have been doing this no problems. I went buy some bike cops in Daytona, and just kept it running. I was going about 20 they just looked at me and started laughing.