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    Ok so I got rid of one of my cars and I'm going to be riding this bike to work. Its only about a mile away from home.this will be my first build with one of these things.
    I just wanna know more about the break in period from people who have done it what's the best oil best oil mixtures, I have alot of hills so should I order a different sprocket,and anything eles I should be aware of
    I've done a lot of reading on these forums but I just wanna know everything I can thanks
    This is the motor kit I bought is this a good site to buy from? Good motor?

  2. agrmodz

    agrmodz Member is pretty unreliable, i've heard some bad things about it but some people i know have received motors from it, a 44T sproket or larger would suit you fine if you have heaps of hills, I recommend 16:1 petrol to oil mix, some people say this is too rich, I don't care what they say. I would never run more than that when breaking in, once you've finished between 2-4 tanks with 16:1 you may then put 20:1 or 25:1, Also when braking in you need to stop every 20-30 mins to let your bike cool down or the piston will get to hot and get smaller than the chamber and it will run strangely.
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    Hate to correct or be a smart ass but basically everything you just said was wrong.

    32:1 is a go too number for oil. Always use full synthetic....

    As for saying you need to stop every 20-30 minutes, that's also wrong.... They are air cooled engines. If your going about 20-30mph then you shouldn't have a problem. I run mine all day and haven't had much problems
    You just need to make sure your not running lean because if you are it will create added heat, that heat will cause problems

    I have yet to have any problems doing these methods on about 10 bikes.

    As for break-in, the places you buy engines say too take it easy. I give it all she's got. the only exception is high rpm cruising. Going up hills with full throttle will allow the piston rings to seat.

    First builds are always experiments!
    Find what works for you and see if this is a hobby you could enjoy.
    These are finicky little boogers so you might get a good one or you might get a POS (as most are)
    You will have to work on them
    Good luck and have fun!
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    As i said, i don't care what others say, ive gone through 5 bikes using 25:1 mix for breaking in. I recommend 16:1 or you are at risk.
    Also if the motor gets to hot to touch you need to stop, the motor is still wearing and if the piston gets to hot it will get smaller than the chamber. You can say what you want but I am never using more than 16:1 for breaking in. :eek:
  5. Frankfort MB's

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    At risk for what? I've seen people run 2500 miles on these motors on 50:1 ratio
  6. agrmodz

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    Thats not very much, I have over 10,000Km on my current bike, ive had it for AGES! also by at risk i mean. "if the piston gets to hot it will get smaller than the chamber" I guess this is opinionated thoughts from personal experience, you might have had better luck with less oil but I never have so i stick to the lower numbers.
  7. Frankfort MB's

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    The piston already is smaller than the cylinder lol that's why they have piston rings

    If you aren't moving at a decent speed then yes you will overheat but throwing oil at it will not fix the problem.
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    As I said this is biased. I much prefer less oil, its just going to be more smokey but at least your not at risk of ruining your engine as you are with less oil. anything over 50:1 you might aswell be using no oil.

    EDIT: (From online source bikeberry) Because 2-stroke’s are such simple motors, the oil needed to lubricate the gears in your engine needs to be mixed in with the fuel before putting fuel in the gas tank. On most engine kits the ratio for the “break-in” period (the first three tanks of fuel run through your engine) is 16:1, which is 8oz of 2-stroke oil. Only 2-stroke scooter oil, such as Maxima scooter oil, should be mixed with 1 gallon of gasoline. The recommended gasoline to run in your engine is 87 Octane, standard unleaded gasoline. This will cut down on sputtering and knocking when running your engine.
    Also a picture of some information from another member:
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