Questions on frame bending

I will bet you wish you had this little tool I repurposed to stretch that rear out right



Thanks everyone.
Surprisingly easy to spread the stays. Had to pry it apart a bit further, used the all thread method plus the muscle technique to fine tune.

Freaked myself out after tweaking it by hand this afternoon. I picked up the front wheel by mistake and thought to my horror, what have I done it's out by a mile. Oops!

The disc is 203mm, the largest I could find. The sprocket is a 40 T. I used an 8mm piece of aluminum to space the sprocket inside of the hub to make more room. Fabbing up the disc brake mount now, close is an understatement.

One thing about the 4 strokers is it's easy to line up the motor. Of course none of the existing holes fit.

I've been studying the casing game and I'll try to make the motor mounting plate one piece of aluminum. Current thinking anyway. Make a wooden pattern for the whole mounting plate.


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