First ride.. Quite productive despite a couple problems.

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    Hey guys, I find myself stupefied by this phenomenon and once again relying on your expertise. I've got an 80cc 2-stroke slant head on a felt tip cruiser. She isn't complete just yet (In process of converting top tube of the frame into fuel tank). However, i felt compelled to try it out using the tank that came with the kit. My first ride went surprisingly well despite losing the Idle adjustment screw on the carb... vibes must have shaken it out :snobby: . Also, the top chainline is JUST rubbing (or digging) against the wall of my beautiful white-striped tires.. curses. Looks like I might have to pick up another chain tensioner.... In an attempt to better align the chain line i removed the clutch cover and ended up removing the sprocket for "sh!ts and giggles" to see if its was "sideways" adjustable. Turns out it wasn't so I put it all back together. For some reason however, the sprocket itself now spins despite the clutch's position (engaged or disengaged) I have a feeling I didn't put the sprocket assembly back together properly because the actual sprocket itself kind of "jiggles" in a way... I'm stumped and dont know what else it could be.

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    The sprocket is keyed to the shaft,
    sounds like you lost the key
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    I'm 100% sure there aren't any parts missing. I removed the clutch cover, and repositioned the sprocket... turns out it wasn't sitting on the notch... Now its sitting on the notch, and it doesn't spin anymore. Now on top of the sprocket theres this weird ring thing with teeth on the inside (The "key" perphaps?). I remember it being a b!tch to remove but now.... it seems to go on super smoothly and it doesn't stay on snugly... Is it supposed to click or clip on the shaft's threads?:confused:

    Thanks for replying btw..
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    If you removed the clutch cover to re-position the sprocket, you were working on the wrong side.
    the sprocket is on the left, clutch is on the right.
    weird ring thing with teeth on the inside?
    sounds like a sleeve that goes over a splined shaft, but a picture would be very helpful.
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    okay so I opened it all up again... not sure what its called but I removed the cover over the engine sprocket.... When looking at the sprocket there are a few things to note:

    1. The center shaft
    2. The pin which inserts into the hole in the center shaft
    3. The sprocket
    4. The "star locking washer" which sits inside (i.e. on top of) the sprocket.

    So it was mentioned that the sprocket is "keyed" to the shaft... I noticed the sprocket has a notch in it as well as the shaft... I'm guessing the key you're referring to sits in both the sprocket's and the shaft's notch in order for it to spin as one whole unit... The odd thing is I don't remember seeing any key of any sort the moment I removed the sprocket.

    I would really appreciate if I could get pictures of what the whole sprocket assembly is SUPPOSED to look like... maybe some pictures of this "key"...

    I'm so frustrated by all this :(
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    Try combing the area with a magnet where you removed the
    sprocket to find the key......

    What brand of engine do you have?
    It's important because they may use different sized/shaped keys

    The Grubees and others use a flat rounded ends key
    Others may use a half moon key

    You don't mention the nut which the star washer goes under
    I presume that you have the sprocket/gear puller tool,

    Be careful as the pin has a ball bearing under it....probably
    held in place by grease.

    Try Ace hardware or a specialty store to find a replacement key
    or you will have to order online.

    All 3 gears on the engines are keyed to their shafts.

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