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Oct 15, 2023
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Well I just like to say rest in peace to the motorbike that I've put together. The one that I ended up fighting with tires in and I'd like to give my genuine. Thanks to the community that has been helping me troubleshoot my tires. Seems like it will be one thing after the other with these machines.

As a bit of backstory as to why I say rest in peace
I have four motors for this thing sitting at the house seeing as hell. My fiance thought it was so awesome. She wanted one as well and I actually had such a good deal on these that I went ahead and purchased two more seemingly by accident.

Although it was mostly from pure eagerness, this eagerness was short lived as I've only been riding my bike for about 2 months now although every single day.
And as of the last 2 days I have tried every single thing I can imagine to get my bike back up and running and it just absolutely truly genuinely refuses. It seems like an absolute phenomenon.

I'm not necessarily looking for advice or help as I'm honestly giving up. I've had really bad luck over the last 3 years. I've been through about five vehicles and they always end up in a position where they need a repair that costs thousands of dollars. So when the motor blew up in my Nissan Maxima a 2003 car that would be ridiculous to find a motor for it. At the moment I did turn to my motorbike idea and installed an Amazon motor. Got it running and thought it was the most amazing thing ever.

I just want to finally think about it. But I'm also going to go ahead and list what I've tried to do to get this machine back up and running so that people can understand that. I'm actually genuinely not just sad I. I did attempt to fix my situation and I am at the biggest loss I think I've ever been at as to what it will take to make this bike run.

So if you have a couple of minutes and you're interested in problem solving, sit back, pull up your phone and take a look at what I have gone through the last 2 days.

I got off of work Wednesday night at 10:30. I made it all the way home with no problems whatsoever from my bike. I make a very constant habit of draining the carburetor completely stop and am done with my bike for the day. I also am very thorough to turn off the gas and ride the last few hundred feet on the fumes emptying out what gas could possibly be between the carburetor and the motor but while going from where I've switched off the gas tank to where it ultimately has to be pedaled I also take my finger and press the drain and drain the gas out of the carburetor for a quicker effect.

I went to crank it up Thursday.
This thing cranked up faster, harder and better than I have ever heard it crank the very second I dropped the clutch. This beast came to life which was unlike itself and both took me off guard and put a smile on my face as I assumed that my breaking. Must have officially come to an end.

I begin heading to my place of employment a 13 mi truck that I make Monday through Friday as I'm writing my way through from lucama North Carolina to Wilson North Carolina to the industrial district. I noticed that I cannot hit 30 miles an hour and as I keep my eye on the speed being shown to me and noticing the feel of speed as I'm traveling, I noticed very concerningly that I'm probably not actually even hitting 24 as my phone is disturbingly trying to tell me that I am hitting. It's slowly drops to 22, slowly drops to 17, slowly drops to 12 and then aggressively plummets to nothing cutting off all at once.

My first assumption was I've destroyed my motor. This must have been some kind of accident. Somehow I put just gas in the motor and not oil and it ran really good and has destroyed the motor but I had no time to think about this. So I put the clutch in and pedaled all the way to my job which is admittedly the first time that I've ever had to bike a remaining 7 miles in the heat of a day. Unprepared ever.
Rushing to get there. I was a few minutes late.

My boss man being the amazingly compassionate person that he is told me to take the day on the clock. Fix my bike not because he wanted to make sure I got paid or anything like that but because he realized that it was my way home that I needed this and I am his highest level tech to mechanic. He wanted to ensure that I would be there again as I had just finished reprogramming a machine for him the other week. He sees me as important enough that he has no problems doing me small favors. I also thoroughly believe though that he did not expect it to take me more than an hour or two to fix my bike.

Being that I am under the assumption that he probably didn't expect it to take me more than an hour or two to fix my bike, I only gave 2 hours to my bike before doing my work. I cleaned out the carburetor thoroughly. Very thoroughly tore it apart. Completely sprayed it all out with the things that I had available. First contact cleaner then brake cleaner dried it by hand and ensure that all of the parts were functioning immaculately....

I looked into the motor. The motor was clean but not dirty either. Definitely blackened from the use of fire and oil and gas but upon rubbing it there was no actual scars or scarring. Nothing had been marred didn't look like it been burned too hot. I went to inspect the gas tank and there was in fact a nice blue colored oil gas mix. I had not ran pure supreme gas in this vehicle.
I inspected the spark plug which was blacker honestly blacker than holy hell.

I thought to myself this must be the cheap Japanese spark plug issue that everyone keeps talking about and that this is a simple case of the spark plug failing me. So I take the spark plug and plug it into little socket that goes on the top and I attempted to turn over the motor with the spark plug sitting exterior of the engine and there was tons of spark plenty of spark but that wasn't enough for me. I proceeded to take very fine. Grain sandpaper and clean the spark plug thoroughly both sides and all around. Spray it with brake cleaner. Spray it with contact cleaner wiped it dry cleaner all down around the threads on both the spark plug and the receiving portion of the head so that I could seat it properly as it goes back in.

I inspected the hose between the gas tank and the carburetor and when releasing fuel into the carburetor I can get a steady stream of gas out the bottom of the carburetor by pressing the little trigger to release the gas and based on this I can assume that there is plenty of gas going into the carburetor because there is the same plenty of amount of gas coming out of the carburetor quite steadily.
So the motor is getting spark and the motor is getting fuel and it is the accurate fuel and everything's working adequately.

From there I did have the thought. Maybe it's the magneto. I've heard people say things about magnetos. Failing that it's not impossible and of course my brain said no dummy. The magneto works because the spark plug would not work if the magneto did not.
I thought maybe it's still a little relay that supplies the spark plug with power and then of course I had the exact same thought the relay works. The magneto works. The spark plug works the fuel is there the carburetor works....

A sweet coworker of mine, a genuinely concerned and caring man from Mexico whose grandfather apparently owned the bicycle shop in Mexico. He has been riding mopeds his entire life and he felt necessary to ask. Is it possible I put too much oil in the gas therefore it won't burn properly. I wouldn't consider it humoring him but after giving up after my 2 hours was out of time and my fiance picked me up on the van at the end of the night all the way home. I kept thinking everything's there. It just won't burn. It has to be too much oil in the gas......

However, upon getting home going on 11:00 at night, the temperature is outside rapidly dropping to between 40 and 50°. I'm outside committing an EPA violation, pouring gas oil mixture onto the ground cuz there's just no other way for me to save it.
I did consider and originally tried undoing the hose to the carburetor and letting it funnel back into a gas container, but it was so slow to empty out an entire tank full. Just so slow to me for the temperature outside that. Ultimately yes I don't the entire tank out on the ground. I don't smoke. No one on my property smokes. There's no open fires. There's no open sparks about a safe as it comes and this particular area is my Sandy burn pit so it was about as safe as it could be but I cringed as I pour it out. Supreme gas and two cycle engine oil only to pour pure supreme gas in filling the tank to about where you usually fill it and then adding just three tablespoons of two cycle oil. Why three tablespoons of two cycle oil? Because that is my go-to. My uncle told me when mixing that gas three tablespoons would be about the perfect amount for the ratio to get the 16 to 1 for the break-in. That the Chinese book tells me the bike needs.

So instead of going out and buying a fancy fancy measuring thing I had bought three 10 gallon jugs and mass prepped 30 gallons of two cycle oil supreme gas mix because I would need it and I would always have plenty at the house.
I didn't want to use his little spoon method and up until now I've had absolutely no problem with all of the pre- prepped gas. That's just readily been there. I use a fancy siphon to siphon it out of the jug and into the tank.

My assumption is maybe somehow the mixture got off because maybe there was just more oil than one portion of the gas tank that sits on the ground since there is three of them. Maybe this one is just bad so trying it his way with the tablespoon and doing oil. I attempt to crank it once more.

It does not crank I pedal and pedal and pedal and pedal and pedal and watch the speedometer on my phone. Show me that I'm pedaling 16, 17, 18 mph. As hard as I can pedal dropping the clutch, dropping the clutch dropping the clutch. Nothing nothing not a nada.
I get a little desperate thinking it's not the gas. It's something is is wrong here. So I take the carburetor off the motor that I have pre-prepped and built sitting on a toolbox in my shed and I put the brand new carburetor in on my motor on my bike, run the needle cable and everything and try again. I can hear it hitting once or twice but no actual difference. No change.

I'm getting tired. It's been a long day. I go to sleep Friday. I wake up. I have to be at work at 1:00 in the afternoon so I work from 8:00 in the morning till I am out of time and I get a ride to work. What do I try? I make every adjustment I can imagine to the new carburetor swapping it out and in with the original carburetor.

Then proceeding to stick with the brand new carburetor. I swap out the spark plug with the spark plug from the new motor pre-built on my toolbox in my shed.

If you're following along very closely, it's got a new spark plug. It's got a new carburetor and it is hitting when I'm hitting 17 mph and dropping the clutch. You can hear it. Poof poof once or twice but it genuinely forcibly refuses to crank bogs down and I have to activate the clutch and go back to pedaling and it's not trying nowhere near as good as it has ever up until now. Just genuinely refusing to show any sign of life.

Now I get a little bit more desperate that change the muffler.
So it's got a new muffler, new carburetor fresh tank of good gas. Very strong gas. A brand new spark plug that is gapped appropriately I promise.

It's getting fire. It's getting spark. It's getting air. It's getting gas and it can vent out a brand new muffler. All of the bolts on the motor are tight. Every single one of them are tight. The magneto is working. The clutch is working. The chain is in the right spot. Nothing has moved off the frame........ But it just won't crank.... I head to work .

Getting home Friday night. Desperately trying to figure out what's wrong that break the motor down every piece that I can take off of it. I take off of it that put all the new pieces with the new motor and I give it as thorough. A look over as I can possibly give it. And I put a small little mirror in and shine lights around. Nothing looks scarred. Nothing looks burnt. Nothing looks broken. There's no metal flakes. Nothing and I know this doesn't mean too terribly much because I swore that there was nothing popping my bicycle tires either and it turned out to be a temperature related thing. But I'm driving home in temperatures that are so cold. I could assure you it didn't overheat coming home and it's always done fine on the way to work until this one time.

I'm genuinely stumped as to why this motor isn't working. It doesn't look any different than it did when I installed it.
So rebuilding the entire motor right back to where it was when I started having the problems in the first place using the original spark plug that was working but dirty after I've cleaned it up using the original carburetor which was super clean at one point and it still didn't help.
Using all of the original parts and nothing off the new motor that's been sitting on the toolbox. I got out there going on 1:30 in the morning and road passed all of my neighbors to the actual main road so as to not bother them with me trying to crank it.
And I tried for an hour and a half and it'll turn over just as pretty as anything but it will not crank it will not crank.

So I have extra motors. I'll be putting an extra motor on it, but the reason I say rest in peace is because I don't see any hope for this hobby. If you have to replace a motor every 2 months then it's extremely impossible to keep up.
Granted for the $80 it cost me to put this 100cc motor on here being the cheapest kit I can imagine finding on Amazon $80 got me back and forth to work for 2 months ish .

I will admit it still one of the most efficient costing transportations I've ever had but this is a lot of work. I think the number of people willing to do things like this is probably dwindling and it's basically the ax adage.

At what point when you swap all the parts? Is it the original ax a new ax?. I guess I'm mostly disheartened because I really can't figure out why and that it didn't last any longer than it did. Maybe I'm just a little bit too sentimental and venting an appropriately, but has anyone else had this particular scenario happen? Is this typical of a two-cycle bicycle motor? When I purchased it listed as 100cc I assumed because the internet suggests that a 100cc is not any faster than a 60 or 80cc that maybe I was going to be getting a longer life out of the motor.

If I'm honest and this is come coming from person who tells you that they work as a maintenance man on the daily. If I'm honest having this motor fail me and me not being able to trouble shoot exactly what's wrong with it has severely hurt my confidence and has started to affect my confidence going into work.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, If you did read all of this, I appreciate you listening to me rant. I feel that it's probably not appropriate for the platform, but this is my genuine experience that I've went through the last couple days here and didn't know if this would be typical or not or if somebody's had this happen before and the answers like the old Nintendo cartridge where you just blow in it slap it a few times and it works just fine?

Moderators Note:
You will get more people to read your "books" if you would just break up all your text at least into paragraphs of some sort rather than the "Great Wall Of China", (Text), that you tend to be typing...I have broken it up to make it more readable this time.
If I am reading correctly you drive 13 miles to work one way, 26 total a day? you may be pushing it for a motorized bicycle as a daily driver, especially really cheap kits. I have several Zeda Firestorm's with hundreds of 2-7 mile trips, no engine related breakdowns. I loaned one out for the summer to my friend to use at his campground, he used it a lot, for runs to the store etc 2-3 mile trips no problems the entire summer. You may want to look into a good used, low miles Honda scooter for a daily if you cant find a decent car.
Did you check to see if the engine had compression? I agree with CENTURION, you are simply asking too much from a cheap kit. Maybe if you got a higher end kit you would have better luck. For your commute I would suggest a 4 stroke kit. They are much better for longer trips.
I rode my first build ever in much the same manner. I put over 7000 miles on it over a few years 10 to 15 miles at a time. Daily riding is doable with the 2 stroke kits, but not without putting in a bunch of time to get them sorted out. One thing I have learned, you either need to put in due diligence or get lucky to get a motor to last a while. Even the higher end kits don't work flawlessly.

I haven't had a chance to read the full Novella yet, but I will pick up the next chapter when I get a chance. Then I can offer some more insight.
I'm going to wait for the video.

But seriously, check your head bolts. That is the most common fault with these kits.
Did you check to see if the engine had compression? I agree with CENTURION, you are simply asking too much from a cheap kit. Maybe if you got a higher end kit you would have better luck. For your commute I would suggest a 4 stroke kit. They are much better for lo ger trips.

I have sold a couple of those economy kits in the past that are still n the road today, like 8-10 years later.
I'm going to wait for the video.

But seriously, check your head bolts. That is the most common fault with these kits.

I have sold a couple of those economy kits in the past that are still n the road today, like 8-10 years later.
This wont be just a video, it's a full blown movie!!! The Lil China Girl That Could!😂🤣😂

Theres nothing too wrong with the2 stroke kits, but they need finessed a bit to be reliable.

I'm with GW & build a 4 stroke for a daily commuter.
So a couple of things I noted on your post I wanted to touch on.

16:1 is too heavy. Not sure why some of these engines call for it, but you don't need to run that much oil. 25:1 will work just as well.

You checked all the things to check to make an engine run except 2. You have fuel, air, and spark but what about compression? No compression, no boom. The other thing you need on a 2 stroke is crankcase pressure for the transfers to work. These engines only run a few psi of pressure tops, so any loss there greatly affects how it runs. Head seal or rings for the former and the base gasket or crank seals for the latter.

Unless you remove the jug and find a broken ring or the cylinder plating is gone, nothing you have described thus far indicates anything catastrophic had happened.