Transporting Gas


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6:16 PM
Mar 23, 2024
San Diego
Is there a way to mix up two stroke oil at the gas pump that way I can fill up on the go at gas stations?

I foresee myself having to transport a can of gas. I ride on a kick scooter and have noticed that when I brake occasionally I will build up static. If I had a can of gas in my backpack, and scooter downhill back home, what is the proper static discharge protocol?
Also when I arrive at the gas stations, sometimes I notice the static from riding the brake.

problem being, I have no other form of transportation and am hoping I can use the motorized bike as a commuter. I'll likely be transporting gas a couple of miles
If your worried about static spark blowing you up at the gas station, just put your hand on the metal pump housing to discharge before ya start pumping gas

Get a rear rack on your motorbike to carry the gas can
With something like this you can just fill with regular gas, kinda expensive but probably worth it. You could even go bigger on engine size. I want to put my gx50 on a riot roller. They also have a standup scooter with a 4 stroke.

Do you have a cg engine on a bike already if not anything 4 stroke ftw. I enjoy my honda ruckus because it takes regular gas. I was thinking of something oil injected as you don't have to do all that premix stuff if I did get a 2 stroke.
You're probably going to get 80-100 miles per tank of gas. Get a 2 gallon jerry can and mix some up, you will have to pack it home every other week and that's if you do lots of riding.
Most gas pumps tell you to sit gas cans on the ground while pumping.

Find a station that sells a 100% ethanol free gas. Ethanol reeks havoc on small engines.
does anyone know of say a gallon sized gas can which I could fill on the ground, throw into my backpack, and transport safely home?
the red cans are squares, I'm looking for a rectangular one I can fit into my backpack. never used a Jerry can and I likely won't have a rack to mount one.
Ya know if you have a rear rack a 1 gallon fuel can premixed, bungied to the rack will give you enough fuel for all day ride.