Engine Trouble Oscillating engine noise

this motor doesn't like anything stronger than 40 to 1
Are you still in the breakin period with this motor...How many miles on it so far?
If it is broken in already these Chinesium motors actually thrive on more oil...32:1 is the least amount of oil I would run in that motor.
Ok I figured out whats causing this.its not a motor issue but a drivetrain issue. I still need help though. It was making the noise because at a certain point of the revolution of the rear wheel the drive chain gets really tight and then loosens back up, so fluctuation in load. Now the reason this happened and still does unless I'm very careful is because this new bike (it's a cruiser) is one of those that break when you pedal backwards, I need to figure out how to disable this thing because if your not careful it'll lock up and want to kick back which is throwing the alignment out of wack, hence the tightening and loosening of the chain. How do I fix this?
Also, here's a little walk through image on removing the coaster brake.