The worst MB trip ever 😤😵‍💫😩😫🤕


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Dec 13, 2021
All right let me give you a touch bit of background to start with the other day I threw out my back really bad. I'm talking about I'm having to take my wife's little stroller thing she has for the dog and put my weight on it to scoop myself to the bathroom bad.
then yesterday it started feeling better and everything , it was still hurting , getting up and down and whatnot .when we decide to go to a friend's house in the country .
so I threw my occ into the van ,and off we went.
This morning I finally get to go out and ride. I'm on them country roads and I'm just going.
I get about 7 miles from my friend's house, and the little stop at the end of my throttle cable breaks off.
I can't get nobody on the phone nothing, I'm just stranded out there.
So I take the tab at the end of my brake line cable and I get it going again.
I get maybe a half mile down the road , and it does it again. I barely get it to go back on there again and so I start off again.
about another half mile down the road my headlight breaks off .
and then all of a sudden my gas tank has a hole in it and it's leaking gas all over me down the frame .
Then to top it all off I get back to my friends house and I noticed not only my headlight but my break off my tail lights gone too
You just experienced your Murphy day. We all have one eventually. Aka, Murphy's Law came for you.

I'm very experienced with the back thing. I was that way for several months. The only way I could go shopping for myself was to use the cart as basically a walker. Hopefully your issue is just a muscle or tendon issue and not collapsed discs like mine.

Look on the bright side, failures breed improvements.

As for the cable end breaking, for breaking off at the barrel side, I keep one of these on every bike and motorcycle I own in a baggy somewhere that I can access or in the tool kit. Has already saved me a couple of times. It may not be perfect, but it works.

Your light mounts sound like they need to be either thicker, or braced in some way.

Fuel tank. I assume it's one of the standard stud mounted types that comes with the kit. I am a big fan of the 4L tanks like this one

They clamp on at both ends with tabs and bolts rather than studs welded to the sheet metal of the tank. Only downside is, you can only get it in the 4L size, but I personally love having a 1 gallon fuel tank.
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Just hope your back doesn't get to this point. Staples are out now and physical therapy has helped a lot.

And i must admit despite all the quality issues I have with my ported wildcat from Zane... That things a beast!!
Really long steep hill after hill.... She ate every single one.