FN motorbikes! Love to hate em! Hate to love em!

I need to pull it out and fire it back up. The pickup tube was pretty clogged when I got it so it would starvw for fuel above idle. I pulled the carb and rebuilt it but I never could get the tube un clogged. I was gonna get a new tube but i never got around to it
Lmao I feel like my entire body needs a rebuild today!!!🤣😂🤣
The last crash I had on my dual sport made me feel like that. It was a couple of years ago, and wasn't even that bad as far as crashes go, but it was just rough enough that I spent a week being sore in a bunch of random places. If you have no more swelling then put yourself in a hot bath and soak for a bit. Makes a difference.
I've went down hard on a descent downhill mountain biking a year or so ago, ER visit to sew elbow up, but nothing broken. I think the weight lifting helped the durability of my upper body, usually when you go down in your 60's something breaks. I do mild single track on the mountain bike now, no more down hill, but you still hit the dirt once in a while, but a lot slower. I felt tweaked for a few months after that fall.