First twenty miles 4/16/2016 the prove out.

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  1. Greetings Forumites.
    In the firs 5 mi. most of my adjustments were made.
    #1 Make sure chain tensioner is fastened tight, I thought it was.
    #2 having a peek into the muffler, remember to tighten the closing screws nut.

    There were a few false starts for adjustments, like chain tensioner bracket moved, shortened chain tensioner spring, and forgot I had loosened the muffler assy. so that in the middle of a run the muffler opened up and got a little noisier. Things fixed, I put 20 mi, on it before I shut down. Over all, I was quite pleased as it handled hills better than I hoped for and top speed of 32 mph @ WOT. easy cruise @ 25mpn.
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    Hey, fellow Wisconsinite. Glad you got her going. I can tell you no matter what bike that I get in the future that tensioner is going to be the death of me. I had it come loose yesterday and slightly bend a spoke. It was partially my fault for not tightening it hard enough. So, I really tightened it hard and then I double nutted it with a friction nut along with the lock washer already on there. That sucker ain't moving now unless the bolt strips. I suggest going this far and doing something like this. It takes a lot of force from the motor and 2 safeguards are better than one. Nice weather we are having too.
  3. Hey bakaneko, you aught to find your way up here. Got a buddy in Hartford that is now riding a Huffy Davidson with a 212cc predator squeezed in. And yes we now he is over powered but his reasoning is that it allows for a some what quicker commute he also has a 49cc Huffy Davidson. Friday he was considering purchase of a helmet.
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    Yeah, encourage your buddy to get that helmet! You know I was thinking about the motorized bike place and safety on the road yesterday. I was going about 32-35 at some places in heavy traffic about 10 miles from my normal roaming zone and it did feel a little dicey because I was at the side of the road with all the cracks, rocks, and small driving zone and the speed was a bit too quick.

    I always wanted to build a bigger motor like your friends 212cc predator or the 125cc lifan and you know I would feel more comfortable on a bike like that with plates so I can ride in the middle of the road and keep up with traffic at 45mph. LOL, I think I will keep it sub 30 around 25 now but it is difficult because I have such a small rear sprocket.

    Aye, thanks for the invite up there. It isn't that far; I am in Pewaukee. We got a few folks from SE Wisconsin here but we are all over the place.
  5. My buddy / workmate has had innumerable close calls. Either they don't see him or don't realize his approach speed.
    He has been very lucky and has lots of flat spots on his tires. Earlier this year his AM commute is in the dark.
    On his 49cc he he has battery powered lights front and rear. The 212cc appears to have a 12v accessory circuit so his intention is to rig it with MC lighting. Over all I think our invisabiliy is much the same as motorcyclists experience.

    We may soon not be so rare, my buddy can built a bike in a day and he has been getting a lot of inquiries from people we work with.
  6. KCvale

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    I always ride fast,~35mph, and I find a front strobe light for daylight riding to be the hands down best to be seen.
    It has saved my butt several times.
    How do I know?
    The car that was about to pull out or turn into my path slam on their brakes ;-}

    Heck, the promo material claims 'a couple of hours' to put an engine kit on a bike, about as true as it being an 80cc engine.

    Heck, it takes about an hour just to get the kits back sprocket on a coaster brake hub perfect and we are darn good at it and have the right tools including a truing stand.

    My point is it best to take your time and do it right with attention to detail, especially if you are going to sell to co-workers ;-}
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    I feel ya... Build it right the first time then you shouldn't have to work on it as much.... How's your buddy like his 212cc? I have a hot 212 making about 10-12 horsepower.... Heavier valve springs, bigger cam, bigger carb, straight pipe, bought it for 120$ off of a guy who got caught racing go karts with an illegal motor for his class so he had to sell it... Sounds good but seems like it vibrates as much as an 80cc HT at 40mph, my thoughts were just it was a big single cylinder with a lot of compression.... Hope it wouldn't break spokes with a rag mount lol
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  8. I made a sprocket centering tool I.D. fits axel O.D. and O.D. fits sprocket I.D. Having a full Tool & Die Shop
    at home does come in handy. I could make a few but I don't know if there are standard sizes of the sprocket I.D.'s
    My way? How fast can you spin in the nuts and balance the torque load. You would be surprised.
  9. Just rode over to my buddies this afternoon as he had not seen my #1 build yet. Up and down 150' Kettle Moraine hills @ 20mph. I concur with you, I spent what I considered way to much time building this machine. And as you say"Build it right the first time." Weather here in SE Wisconsin helped keep the sense of urgency at bay. It also didn't hurt to have
    a Good Wife who got a kick out of my building in our lower level living room.
    As for my buddy? Today he is trying to sell me on a Death Row set up. He said until he disabled the governor he had a top end of 30mph and zero vibration. You don't do this type of build and not expect to take it to the limit and he has.
    I wish he would post on this site as he is a mechanical engineer/welder/mechanic as you only get to be growing up on a farm. Once the governor was disabled and the engine was able to WOT vibration becomes a factor.
    I don't think his Huffy Classic Deluxe frame is going to last. He has because of our local weather clocked a whole bunch of miles yet. And there is the problem of Wisconsin law restricting our MB's to 49cc's.
  10. Frankfort MB's

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    The good thing is about cops is that if you have a faster bike than the guy your riding with, your fine.... Your buddy might not be... :)
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    Tom, are you sure about the 49cc requirement? I thought Wisconsin statures are pretty liberal about this stuff. Take a look at the stature below defining a motor bicycle. Technically, if your friend's 212cc predator can really go no more than 30 mph but can get him to 30 mph in 1 seconds then it still could be a motor bicycle in Wisconsin. :D

    A bicycle to which a power unit not an integral part of the vehicle has been added to permit the vehicle to travel at a speed of not more than 30 miles per hour with a 150-pound rider on a dry, level, hard surface with no wind and having a seat for the operator.
  12. Frankfort MB's

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    Lol i still think it's funny that there are laws for these things :)
  13. sbest

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    You know what the nickname for a helmetless rider is? Organ Donor.

    Tom, my HT motor did about 32mph on its first trips out. Worked up to 36-38 as it broke in.
    I agree with KC Vale's comments about blinking strobe during daytime riding. Needed.

    Agreed as well on a better tensioner needed.
    I was meticulous with no problems so far, but am planning a slotted bar between both rear tubes, and a 2" roller with real bearings.

  14. Frankfort MB's

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    I was actually riding this weekend without a helmet and my brake cable broke down a very large hill.... Not fun....
  15. bakaneko

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    steve, i slotted a bar too on my 2 stroke because the tube was too narrow to get a strong grip for the tensioner. my new bike bar has a much wider bar so i was able to get good torque on the bolts and locked it in with double nutting with friction nuts. the metal bars are like 2 usd at hardware stores, but mind the material.
  16. Steve,
    I have crashed on my R80/7 BMW road rash and some subdural hematoma I wished I had pictures of to show the grandkids. I own helmets and use them but my observation has been that when wearing a helmet I tended to take
    more risk. There were some great rider defense articles in Rider magazine back in the 70's written by Stuart Monroe
    that are a part of my every day riding/driving habits. With my buddy operating his Huffy Dear Row 212cc commuter
    in town I told him to get a helmet.
  17. bakaneko, The statutes in my ring binder and down loaded from Wis. DMV specify 49cc max. but you got to remember that these statutes are written by law makers in a lot of cases where all they have is other states case law to go by.
    My buddy with the 212cc NOWS his is illegal cc wise (I keep telling him) and takes it in consideration. There is a clause in state law that allows cities to register and tax even 49cc bikes if they become a local nuisance. Some thing I don't want.
  18. bakaneko

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    aye, aye. local municipalities can set their own statures regarding motorized bicycles that supercede the states. i keep it on the down low too. nothing too fast or crazy. i think 49cc is enough for a motorized bicycle. you gotta really know the engine and work for the extra speed and torque.
  19. Frankfort MB's

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    I've heard that the 49 can actually out run the 80 if done right due to the motor actually being balanced and since the oiston is smaller more RPMs
  20. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Hi Frankfort. Just as a pubic service I need to point out that there are no 49cc or 80cc 2-stroke engines.
    They are 48cc and 66cc when measured.

    Sure, with gears, a 48cc will kick a 66cc, and even an actual 53cc 4-stroke with gears will kick most any 2-stroke 66cc direct drive even with mods despite the extra weight.

    My point is simply learn actual REAL engine sizes before you start talking about them is all bud, and if you want to talk to about speed think gears, you can haul butt with little power with gears ;-}