Hey that little arow on the thats Dax petcock is the arow point to the on position when the fuel is on or does the arrow indicate the flow of the fuel? If I have a little drip of fuel comming out of my exaust indicate that my engine is flooded? It wont start. it ran for about 5 seconds and it just quit. Any ideas?

now dont everybody laugh at my drawing i was using microsoft paint but it gives and idea of the on and off position of the petcock hope this helps to be sure just undo the gas line going to the carb and then turn on and off the petcock to see larry ca
i like that drawing.. took me a minute to figure out what it was....
very interesting... :D

Ya, that is an interesting drawing. At first I thought it was just a giant hair ball, then I did a double take and I figured out what it was. Kind of abstract art for motorizedbicycle addicts. Let me try one.

That was not what it was to begin with turns out I need a new magnito. The resistance is 296 then 218 about two hours ago. On the 2K setting. That must have happened when I took the electric tape off of the wires.