Frame tube mitre cheat...yip-ya hooray!



Performed a search for this with no response.

The most frustrating, awkward and time-consuming facet of frame fabrication has been shaping the correct tube-end when abutting another tube at an angle eg., Headset-Tube onto Down-Tube.

Thanks to a program download at the International Human-Powered Vehicle Association website, this is no longer a concern for me or any other would-be fabricator with basic maths and geometry skills.

The free Tube Mitre program instantly calculates and delivers ready for print, a wrap-around drawing of the correct mitre for a given tube OD going onto another tube of the same or varying diameter, at almost any angle.

I used it today and have attached a couple of images. My appologies for the blurriness.

The first image is the tube after wrapping the print cut-out around it and using this as a stencil to spray flat black paint over to give a shaping guide.

The second image is the new piece fitted between the top-tube and bottom-rail of my chopper frame.

To summarise, I found that allowing for an extra millimetre or two on the receiving tube OD gave a shallower guide which I could then shape as desired for a near perfect fit.

If needed I can do a step by step graphic proceedure for this. :cool:
I used it today and have attached a couple of images.
Where, my good man? I believe your honest intention may have been the bolded texts, but...

If you used the forum's "Insert Link" feature, it will erroneously add one too many "http://" to your photo link's url and render your attempt inoperative.

Say when u get back from Christmas reddbak can u have another go at posting those pics.I don't have the expertese at the mo to make-up a frame but i am interested to see your u did hard it was.
Father Christmas gave me a welder for Christmas and i'm just itching to try it out. appologies for that...I usually preview my posts, but obviously slipped-up here. :???:

Couldn't find the 'Edit' symbol/link either so attaching image links here.:confused:

When you download the .exe program file don't forget to get the 'text' instructions for it.:cool:


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Couldn't find the 'Edit' symbol/link either...
I believe there's a time limit for that one; how long I don't know.

The linking of pics aside, I for one am eager to see this thing run!

Say now, that works well. Many thanks. Makes using round tubing much nicer without all the jigs and fixtures.