Friction Drive (FD) engine systems for bicycles technical assistance

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    Hints on friction drive kit principles,(whether spring, pneumatic, screw down, quick release, or OUR "shift on the fly" system... or need replacement arbors (drive-wheels) one may contact Dimension EDGE Bicycle engines at ( :). Or

    A 36 year veteran says, " First rule: Not one FD gearing fits all purposes". Different engines, power ratings, rpm's, or hills, what weight?, preclude that...

    DE offers 3 material types, and 5 ratios. Because in 36 years, FD systems still lead the way. Just now, so many ways, to do it. Special sized arbors available.

    This forum is great I see, and for me to come up to date with all the ways, may I offer to trouble shoot on this forum so all the readers, members can benefit. Instead of just my website? So if you have yet to get the tire wear, speed, etc, well throw me a question. Thank You.

    Your grass roots, " Keep it Simple Simon " go-to guy.

    Robert Felt