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  1. hi guys just registered to your forum via my bike bieng on craigslist!

    but any ways im a member of i have botm(bike of the month) there. i have a few bikes one of wich which happens to be the first home made schwinn mini chopper! i going to post pics her soon but nice to meet you guys and i lookk forward to sharing and hearing your ideas.


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    hey gor; how do i make the pics bigger?
  3. i dont know ille see what i can do...your trying to see how i did it eh?
  4. stude13

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    oh yeah, sickbikes has the new system and ocean park is the place. i know some of these guys are going to want those engine mods. mitch
  5. yeah well i do more than just put on aftermarket i can do porting as well and much more ive built like 33 of these china engines to date and right now im probly pushing around 7hp max with my current set up. i do need to get a bigger carb though cause thes engines all of them have small carbs
  6. i have a Q do any of the kits that you guys on this forum have any aftermarket parts other than ignition? and can they rev to 14g without breaking? i might buy one but i want to get one that i can modify as well
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    What does that mean?

  8. stude13 saw my bike called me and told me about your site