Going to mb to gulf for oil clean up

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    Seeing the impending doom on the gulf coast. i have been tooling around with the idea of mbing to the gulf to help in whatever way i can find. I live in RI the gulf is roughly 1700 miles away. i have a grubbe skyhawk 80cc road bike. double tred tires slime tubes. enough spare parts to rebulid just about any malfuntion.
    i just have a few questions like, do i have to prepare for every states mb laws that i pass thru? i know enough to bypass the major metro areas on the route. hoping to leave somtime next week. pacing and storage ideas could help. thanks

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    Google maps has route destinations "by bicycle", and the route from RI to Mobile, AL includes nice sections of the National C & O trail and a rails to trails path in WV (Greenbriar River), but then those would be peddling sections. They route is very extensive and "backroad". They say 6 days, that would be too much time in the saddle every day, i would aim for 3 weeks. You just have to go for as far as the law is concerned, i've travelled extensively in CA, where supposedly they are restrictive, not a glance, not even along interstates, but then i peddle a lot. The quickest way to convert a bike to tour bike is with the huge wire baskets (bigger the better);


    then stack a big duffle (or 2) on top with bungies. Heavy stuff in the baskets, just make absolutely sure nothing can slip out of the baskets into the rear tire. Just my suggestion.
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    Actually the quickest storage would be a trailer. A couple on King Motorbikes with Wally world Burley knock-offs went from Florida to Las Vegas, NM, though they did have mechanical difficulties.
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    I wish I could have the nerve to take on such a long trip. The time it will take to make that kind of trip is probably two weeks, weather permitting. Unless your the Indiana Jones kind of guy and go rain or shine.
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    As far as passing thru other states, Bamabikeguy did those trips everywhere. He's gone now, unfortunately, but he never wrote about the cops or any bad things regarding the different laws in other states. Just maintain a low profile, keep off major arteries and the interstate, and you should be just fine. He traveled from his home in Holly Pond, Alabama to Denver, Colorado (2500 miles) one way, with his rack mounted belt drive 25cc 2 stroke. He made lots of long trips all over the place. You can read his tales on this site to get a clearer picture of what he experienced on his trips.
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    Thanks for the tips. the state laws are what i am worried the most about. lowprofile is my middle name.

    I have signed all the volunteers lists i could find. As of this moment they are only using locals. But at 80,000 gallons a day and still pouring out of the ocean floor. There are going to be an immense need for all types of workers.
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    I'm really curious are you the Indiana Jones kind of guy? I think that is really a great thing going there to volunteer in the clean up effort. I have been to Newport once, very beautiful place lots of mansions overlooking the ocean. I windsurf and sail a Hobie catamaran, mostly windsurfing the last 20 years. So this ocean stuff is real important to me.
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    I would suggest one thing concerning state laws. Most officers and judges are leinient when you are just passing through. Have with you Identification showing your homestate. As long as you are compliant with your home state laws and the laws of the destination state most will not bother you exceptions would be boarder states....you might have to convince them you are passing through).
    One clarification....I did say most! There are still many Barney Fifes and Roscoe P Coletraines out there. But in the end I believe that even they will prove to be just an inconvienence if you keep your witts, stay respectful and keep reminding everyone of your purpose for the trip.
    I would love to be able to even contemplate a trip that you have in mind. Please keep me posted of your progress.
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    Thanks. I love the ocean, but part of this is coming from being unemployed for over a year. RI has a 13% rate. jobs are extinct here..

    So i picked one of my mb's and have started mods for the trip. i cut two pieces of 6" pvc tube. to 2.5 feet. one mounted to each side of bike rack. they look like missile tubes. a crate on top of that for the odd sized stuff.
    cltohes, tools, and camping equipment all fit in the tubes with room to spare.

    Cant wait to go.
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