Gone! It is running! MOTOPED Pulled the Trigger and Put them in the Crib Tonight

Yep seen those before hauling private cars and M/Cs
When Victory or Indian now, had demo rides for their motorcycles A big truck like that would pull up at the dealership with all the demo bikes in it, The truck driver would drive all over the USA and he said he was responsible to keep the bikes clean gassed up and ready to ride. It was no problem for him to get the bikes serviced because he was always bringing the bikes to a dealership for demo rides

BTW I would spend the day at these demo rides and test ride all the different bikes It's really fun if there's hardly anyone there because there's no wait just 10 min rest and jump on the next bike, Demo rides were given in a group
Dealership has pizza and drinks.
Drinks?= Soda or ice tea... driving:unsure: