Got a new cylinder from boygofast with shorty intake.

Sep 2, 2017
Hey so I got a nice deal on a shorty intake boygofast cylinder with Allen type screws, to my knowledge the cylinder is pretty good condition but I have a few things in mind before installing on the new cylinder and rings.

How far will porting go in addition to raising the piston skirt to match the exhaust port at top dead center?

Which of the two is more beneficial all though I have basic banana exhaust pipe.

I am aware that the banana is 50% muffler and 50% expansion chamber but functions more as a muffler.

On my current cylinder, the only item I plan on reusing my newish 02 Toyota Highlander v6 02 gasket again on my exhaust for the bgf cylinder the carburetor and uni foam filter.


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Nov 25, 2010
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