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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Pad, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Pad

    Pad New Member

    Hey all, very Very VERY! cool site!
    Wow already been sucked into reading 20 page build threads!
    Anyway been toying with building my own custom bike for years, but never made it a reality.
    Well now my sites are set, and this site will be worth its weight in gold!
    More research to do, alot more!
    Hope to put your knowledge to work and bring new(?) ideas to the table.

    All for now,

  2. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Hi Pad, and welcome aboard.

    You'll find good info, freely given. Nice site.

    So now it's time to get an engine and build your bike.

    One tip; pictures are appreciated.

    Have fun.
  3. Pad

    Pad New Member

    Thx BlueGoat!
    And a big 'Roger' on the photos!
    They will be mandatory, since I've got basically a pile of parts and most are not even bike related.
    My 'vision' is a elec. tadpole style trike, built on a very slim budget! I do have a few connections in the used bike market though.
    I know its asking alot, but why dream if its not big!

  4. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

  5. Pad

    Pad New Member

    Thx Alaskavan, I must admit it was your 20 page build that sucked me into the time loss vortex known as the internet.
    Great link to a motor, seems very inexpensive. However I'm wanting to go electric. We have a very extensive trail network here in MN and I can take it right to my work, thinking gas motor would be more of a red flag than elec., with the whole 'non-motorized vehicle' thing on the trails.

  6. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    IMO you're quite right to go electric if you're going to spend much time on trails. My trike is designed specifically for commuting on the highway. Are you planning on designing and building from scratch? Or, are you going to use a plan from someplace like Atomoc Zombie?
  7. Pad

    Pad New Member

    Unfortunately I will be building from scratch. I have seen a couple of sites that show indepth home builds, they will be useful. My budget is zero at the time, but I think I may be able to throw a couple hundred at it but thats about it, heck I've got my GF driving a $300 dollar car so if I spend more than her daily driver she may wonder where my priorities are, HA!
    Wanting to figure some type of suspension, thinking maybe looking into a wrecked kid size atv for the front A-arms and spindles. I figure the added weight of a larger motor and bigger batteries, suspension maybe needed. I also have a old crotch rocket that doesnt run, may be using some misc. parts off it. Spose I better take some pictures/drawings and start a very loose build thread.
    More research needed,
  8. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    If you go electric, keeping the weight down will be a big concern. I find that the trike is comfortable without suspension. What are the conditions on the trails you are planning to ride? If you can avoid suspension, I would.
  9. Pad

    Pad New Member

    The main trails around here are mostly old RR lines converted to packed limestone or blacktop, mostly smooth with occasional curbs. I think we have hundreds of miles worth, I could literally take the trails across the state and to other states. A week/week end camping trip via the trails would be something I would love to do. Thinking a trailer to carry another pass. (gf or one of my kids) would be cool. Lots of off-road trails here too!
    Distance and power will be needed, regenerative power anyone? I here you on keeping weight down, I am planning on using alum. frame and bits but cost will always be against me. I have yet to ride a tadpole style or elec. bike so I really dont know what to expect. My research shows, so far, a little unstable at speeds above 20mph, thinking a longer frame (to fit batt./motor) will help slow down response time and doing a non-direct steering will help with leverage at higher speeds, maybe add a small 'passive ' shock as a steering dampener to help slow down twitchy steering too. My end goal is to achieve 30mph with 2-people on flat ground and have good range (25-30 miles) is that even possible? This would be increased by A) going slower B) occasional pedaling C) Solar panel or other regenerative power supply. Not sure about recharging during say a week long primitive camping trip?
    Still more research to do. OK alot more!
    Thanks for the input, Alaskavan.
  10. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    25 to 30 miles at 30 mph with 2 people is possible, provided you have the money for the required motor and bateries. My guess is that such an electric drivetrain would cost $1,000 to $3,000. I would like to be clear about the fact that I have not attempted to build such a drivetrain. I'm just guessing about the cost and feasability.