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    Hey folks, I've been a bicycle guy and professional bike mechanic for about a decade. I specialize in the old stuff from the 1950s - 1970s. I'm also a Schwinn collector, just the pre-1972 stuff. I'm pretty active over on the forums, so if you're also a Schwinn buff, we might well have crossed paths before.

    Got this thought in my head that the best bike for a China motor kit would be a 24" Schwinn cantilever frame heavyweight. Since the China kits are sort of scaled down and the 24" bikes are kind of scaled down, the proportions would be correct. And once I started thinking about this, a frame was literally handed to me (thanks to Joe at Missing Link Bikes). Attached (hopefully) is a snap of the project frame. I'll be building up some alloy wheels for it, drum brake up front, vintage Bendix red band in the back. It will also be outfitted with a Persons banana seat and some '68-'69 Stingray handlebars.

    So I guess I'll hang out and lurk a bit and learn a thing or two.

    Cheers, Geoff

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  2. JE

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    Hi Geoff. Glad you finally found the MBC web site. When you get it all put together we should all go for a ride. Justin from Woodburn.
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    greenephantom welcome. I lived in Portland until 10 years ago. I don't miss the rain but I sure miss the variety Portland has to offer.
  4. greenephantom

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    Justin! Hey man, how's it going? What are you riding these days? I've looked around some more for you for a heavy duty drilled Bendix hub and no luck. I have them in 28 but not in 36.
    Cheers, Geoff
  5. JE

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    I found four hubs right after I talked to you at the swap meet. I'm riding a new Whizzer.
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    Yo Portland! East County over here. I live on the edge of Gresham/Boring. Welcome!