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Greetings, motorheads



Hi all,
I don't have a motorized bicycle yet, but I do own a 2000 Kawasaki Super Sherpa, a 250cc 250Lbs single-cylinder dual-purpose motorcycle that rides like a mountain bike.

I also have a Huffy Re-bike, which I'm thinking of motorizing. This was a dirt cheap recumbent offered by Sears.


I'm thinking of getting one of the motor kits for my friend, who has a Mongoose with full suspension. He just had to get a pacemaker installed, and he can't get a license, due to some legal complications. I'm also interested in electric power. It would be really cool if I converted my motorcycle to electric, but perhaps that's too ambitious at this point.

Love the site,



Welcome to MBc, take a look at the Rack-Mount Engine section for lots of great info for the Mongoose.