Happy Christmas to our wonderful Canadian members and my wish list from last year...lol.


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Jul 23, 2020
Alamogordo, NM, USA
Last Christmas, I had thanked all of our Canadian members for the wonderful gifts in people they have shared with their American "cousins"/"brothers" over the years.

There were a couple though that i had requested they take back...lol.

For everyones amusement, I now repost last years request to our wonderful Canadian members.


"To our Canadian and Canadien brothers,

Over many years, you have sent many great and fine gifts to your brothers here in the USA.

You've given us Gordon Lightfoot, Randy Bachman along with his groups, The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive, The Late Great Alex Trebeck, Paul Anka, Michael J. Fox, Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, James Cameron, Mike Myers, Christopher Plummer, William Shatner, Bryan Adams, Neil Young, and even Mary Pickford, dubbed as "America's Sweetheart" during the silent era of motion pictures, and the list goes on and on.

Please don't think us ungrateful, as these folks have enriched all of our lives here in the States, but there is one gift we would like to return to you folks. Consider it what we call, "re-gifting" which is what one does with an unwanted "gift".

Would you PLEASE, PLEASE, take back Justin Bieber...lol...lol...lol?????

And while we are at it, we would very much like to return Meghan Marple and Prince (Charmless), Harry Wales, (or is it "Wails"), as a "two fer one" special as well.

We found out that the Queen would rather not have them back if she can help it...And We Don't Blame Her, and since their last address of residency before L.A. was in Canada, We hope you will offer them asylum and take them off our backs...lol...lol...Happy Christmas along with the aforementioned re-gifting to go along with it...lol...DAMIEN"


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May 6, 2020
Your more then welcome...

Yes...You folk's in the USA are totally awesome in our books...Our ancestors came out of Nebraska in the 1890's for the great land give away...

They didn't mention the hardships that went with it,,, my great grand pappy came up here as a poor dirt farmer to remain a poor dirt farmer for many years...

A good portion of our kin folk are still in the U.S.
my pops great distant cousin made alot of Western Movies over the years...Marion Robert Morrison...

You folks know him better as John Wayne,,, we call him Marion...

Yes,,, we are so lucky to have great neighbour folks like you... Always more in common then not...

Cheers all as we wrap up another great year...

Pal Don