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  1. in hawaii any 50cc or 2hp or less cycle is a moped and does not require a special license or insurance however you must have a regular driver license
    so in hawaii those things people call scooters dont even have plates just bicycle reg stickers where a plate would go on in a state like ca where you need a class c license to drive a tricycle (i can say this being a former resident of ca the nazi state)

    but hawaii has more laws
    elec bikes are highly illegal after 2008 and can even land you in jail!
    segway rental companys lobbyed a law to ban ebikes and they won
    so please when you come to hawaii dont rent a segway or support the

    also in hawaii a people carrying super ferry connecting honolulu
    to maui was banned last year because a group of enviromentalists
    went on board and did publicity stunts yelling the ship hit a whale
    when it never did and argued the ocean impact study was not finished
    before the super ferry started business but truthfully hawaii has had big ships
    and ferrys bringing in gas for 100 plus years so whats so diffeent about a
    connecting people ferry? it hurts the airline industry oddly enough
    those activisit fighting to ban the super ferry where the owners of maui
    honolulu airlines coincidence? more proof big business runs hawaii

    and some more laws
    ride your 1300cc huyabusa crotch rocket in hawaii with no helmet!
    pill up 30 people in a pick up truck bed and go 70mph down the freeway!
    all ok and legal in hawaii!

    but dont go inbetween cars on a motorcycle (spliting lanes)
    and dont go riding a super dangerous ebike (illegal vehicle)

    hawaii is different all i can say
    thats why hawaiis a different country yeah its a state but really
    after you live here you see its a different country

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    Woah, sounds like the bureaucrats aren't even attempting to make it look good in Hawaai. :confused: Always wanted to visit.......but maybe not. :annoyed:
  3. if you visit, visit maui its nice still has the aloha spirit good people its more logical and lax on enforcing stupid laws like ebikes i did see alot of ebikes there and oddly enough no segway rental company in maui
    for the moment im stuck on big business monopoly island oahu but im outta here asap to live in maui still beats cali and great weather/friendly people
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    Hahahah ha ha **** that made me LMAO, it so crazy, very sad and disturbing, but funny as. What's in the water to make people so random in thinking? Has to be something.
  5. water

    im not sure its the water perhaps the fact 2012 is bringing in a alighnment in the milky way not planets that makes the earth lose all its magnetism perhaps freeing our minds to use more then the 6% the average human uses

    or maybe im just another crazy plane outta my mind like so many thought thomas edison was and noah before the first rain drop fell

    the voice behind pointing out more and more corporations implementing laws into our system is a fed up person seeing our freedoms detiorate with time just like the europeans came to america to have freedom and escape purseqution are the same reasons wich now have me wanting to leave america sure I can go to a better more free country but how long will that last when we are destined for a one world government with all the same slave driven prison without walls society