Speedway style clutch?

Any new news on the clutch?
Ok, so yes. I have kept ordering bits to make a basic layshaft which include the mainshaft and sleeveshafy from the royal enfield gearbox.

I will have to encase both of these shafts inside an arbour and a bearing with a bracket to mount onto the frame. Either that, or build such a hub onto the frame of the bike to build... naaah.

It will likely start life as a jackshaft clutch like on the speedway bikes.

The parts i have so far are the plunger, shaft, bearing and pushrod, two clutches (i ordered a rebuild kit for the rusty clutch) and have continued to order more bits to build the basic RE speedway clutch. I still have to get the crank sprocket and the primary chain.
The engine choice is between 4 small engines at the moment.

A small 3.45hp briggs
An even smaller 60cc two stroke generator motor (i have 4 of these)

A honda gx140
A briggs 12hp ohv clone (i assume, it could be a something else clone- i will only know when i split the case)

A honda 125cc clone, but it's an ohv chain drive clone, like a copy of a cb125, or something. It is a generator power unit, but i can find no information on it whatsoever.

There are others, but with these choices, i think thats enough. I would seriuosly think about even just biting the bullet (pardon the pun) and getting a royal enfield single and building a 1900's style speedway/BTR bike...

Or trying to get my hands on enough J.A.P. parts or BSA, Norton or whatever to build one of those.

There are still plenty JAP and BSA small engines, as well as Kohlers, Villiers and Wisconsin stationary engines, but whatever. A 600cc briggs and stratton would do.
I'm having a hard time trying to visualize that. You mean cut the crank case part away from the transmission/clutch assembly?
The crankcase is separate from the trans, I've seen that done before. I just can't remember where I saw it, but I do have a 85cc case and trans here to try and replicate it on.