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    Greetings everyone. I live in Sussex, England and have a 1960 49cc Rex FM50 'Hilfsmotor' fitted to a 1958 Göricke bicycle. Both engine and bike are German:



    My wife and I are planning to buy a vacation home in Arizona this year, where we will spend 4-5 months each year. I am currently looking at the practicalities of bringing the bike across - permanent import and registration, or ship back and forth keeping it's UK registration? I'll post lots of questions in the 'Laws & Legislation' section in the coming days.

    Best wishes

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    Hi Terry

    I would be very interested as to your registration requirements in the UK?

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    PS sorry for the hijack
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    Hi Simon.

    In the UK, a MB is referred to as a 'Cyclemotor' by owners and enthusiasts, but there is no such thing in law. If it has an engine of less than 50cc and a max speed of 28mph, it is a moped. Anything larger is a motorcycle. The same rules apply to scooters.

    So legally, this is a moped. It must be registered as a vehicle and be issued with a licence plate. I have a dating certificate from the cyclemotor club which declates it to be a "1960 Rex FM50". This is important as it allows the DVLA (Driver Vehicle and Licencing Agency) to issue a 1960 licence plate. The dating is taken from the engine, not the bicycle, as it is the engine that makes it a moped. It also declares the bicycle to be 'of appropriate age'. This is a DVLA requirement to prevent people putting a 1960 engine on a 2016 Cannondale bicycle and claiming it to be a 1960 machine. So if I were to take the engine from the Göricke bicycle and put it on another bike 'of appropriate age', it would retain the same licence plate.

    As it is legally a moped, to use it on the Queen's highways, it must be registered, insured with a minimum of unlimited third party cover, road taxed and have an MOT (road worthiness certificate). I must wear an approved helmet when riding it. There is no such thing here as limited liability third party insurance. By law, all vehicle insurance must have unlimited third party cover.

    However, being pre-1975 it is classed as an 'historic vehicle' and is exempt road tax. Also, pre-1960 vehicles are exempt MOT. So mine currently requires an MOT, but this should change soon - the road tax and MOT exemption is expected to become a rolling 40 year exemption.

    The MOT was interesting. At the test centre the inspector scratched his head, thought for a minute, put the kettle on, made tea, had a pleasant 20 minute chat about bikes, and issued me with an MOT certificate :).

    To ride a moped, you must also have a moped licence. However, if you passed your car driving test before 1st Feb 2001, this also acts as a full moped licence. I passed mine in 1977, so I'm good to go.

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    Thank you for such a complete reply! That's when I was born :)
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    Welcome aboard. We're glad you joined up.

    I can't tell you much about the legalities you'll face. Except this: About half of the States have Motor Vehicle Codes that recognize motored bicycles of this type, yours included, as nothing more than a bicycle. Meaning that there is no registration or licensing involved. Plus Arizona's law was the first of this type and the model for those states that followed. Arizona's MB law was passed in 2008 or so.

    There'll be some differences from state to state. Mine, Illinois, for instance requires that the operator be at least sixteen years old.

    I also don't know just what laws and regulations might have changed in the time since. So don't regard this as 'authoritative', by any means. But I do think that you're in fine shape, legally, in Arizona.

    Nice bike, by the way. I've seen photos of those REX engines. Never seen one in person.
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    Hello Mr.TJM from England ! Glad to meet you!
    That sure is a neat bike you have. A keeper for sure! BUT
    Being from England I would of thought you would have had one of these to bring with you!:oops: image.jpg

    1968 Matchless G15CS
    Was in my stepfathers garage for over 30 years. He passed on and I got it , and got it back on the road!:p It is a good ride!
    Keep looking up! Ken.