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    Hi ^^ I don't actually have a MB yet and am still a bit unsure as to whether i'm actually going to build one. You see, my dearly beloved POS car has recently suffered an accident that is most likely the last nail in the coffin. The tranny started failing years ago and fixing it would of either cost WAY to much if i payed some one or taken WAY to much work if i did it myself. So i said i would drive that B till it keeled over in the middle of the road, that was last thursday, 4 years and nothing to do with the tranny later! XD I can't believe it lasted that long!

    Thankfully work/groceries are only 3 miles away so i'm not totally screwed. I just need to be car-less long enough to save up some cash for another car. I could walk but it's getting cold and i HATE cold. I could drive the Van but ;_;... gas, it'll probably eat enough gas to pay for a MB twice over by the time it gets hot(100f please!) again. So, yeah, i'm leaning HEAVILY toward a MB, it'll still be cold but i'll get there faster so less cold to deal with and MUCH less gas(plus warm engine :p). Double plus, i can sell the car for scrap to pay for the kit!

    I'm just here to pick your brains if i need to. I even had a question i couldn't search the answer to! But now i can't remember what it was! <_<. XD... Probably answered myself.

    EDIT: Oh hey! I remembered what i was wondering about! I was wanting to know if there's an updated 'repped' vendor list? I checked the list in the noob thread but it seems some of the links are defunct. I also checked the vendor section but the first like 40 threads minus 3 are all from the same 2 vendors ^^;
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    Somewhat like your situation, two years ago I had to choose between four new tires, transferring car from TX to NM, insurance and a bunch of other car c.r.a.p. or building an MAB.In those two years I believe I've driven maybe 10 times in the car, saved crazy money on car related stuff, and gas.Best decision I've made in decades.It's 15 miles to town, goes from 110 in the summer, to below freezing in the winter and I ride year round.
    You are in a great place to just say screw-it to the car, the only thing I'd be concerned with is the salt air and the metal, so maybe find a simple setup to begin with, less parts, less to go wrong.If you want trouble free go with GEBE and a good Japanese engine, kind of expensive, but light and strong and will work in a downpour.If it's just for occasional riding/fair weather riding, a friction drive can save you some money/hardly anything to go wrong, and the only thing that needs replacing is the rear tire.It's a bit heavier than the GEBE/will not work well in wet conditions, but would be my first choice.Have fun.
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    Well unfortunately it'll be ages before i'm ever able to go 100% car free. I occasionally (at least once a month) have to make 200+ mile one way commutes to the middle of nowhere *sigh* Why can't farms be closer to home? XD I imagine that'd be like, what? 6-7hrs one way on a LEGAL mb? Making those drives in the Van, $100+ of gas in a day, is like pulling teeth :ack2:

    Mhh.. Ocean breezes ^^ I remember growing up that if we didn't ride our bikes like once a week the chain would lock up. Why my Dad never had us oil the chains is a mystery. ^^?

    As for the potential bike. I'm thinking i'l probably be starting with a staton friction drive, the price is right and the quality looks top notch. I'd really rather have a rack mount chain drive(because chains!) but the price is NOT right for a pre-fab setup(at least one i can find) XD And i'd feel better getting some experience on a proven setup before i start fabing my own. Which scores more points for the friction kit because, from what my research is saying, it's rather easy and inexpensive to mod the kit to run chain at a later date. ^^
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    This month I've done a 162 mile round trip, twice.I figure my one day range is right at 200 miles; 162mi takes me 7.5 hours in the saddle, a full days work, but loads of fun.Also, right under 1.5 gal fuel for the trip (GEBE-13 gear, Tanaka PF4000).
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    Fun i've no doubt. ^^ I'm kinda thinking a week long trip in the slow lane would be a nice vacation. Head up north, visit fam, hittin beaches everyday. But my trips are work trips, i don't have a couple days to make the round trip just 24hrs. It it wasn't for work i wouldn't care how long it took.... work sucks sometimes-_-.....

    (and stop making me jealous with your mpgs! XD)
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    AHHH, but you get to write off those gallons of petrol, and turn up the jams while driving, sounds like a good job.On the bike I get to listen to someone with a high-toned chainsaw chase me, for 7.5 hrs.
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    welcome from dallas
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    Welcome from Corpus Christi as well. Stop by anytime, I've always got some sort of project underway.. (and cold garage beer!)
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    In Texas in order to be legal you have to build a "Motorized Scooter" (40 cc or less, automatic transmission, must have a seat and peddles). I can get you the statutes if you'd like me to. Staton Inc sells quality kits which will meet these legal requirements. Yes these kits cost more but they are much more reliable. I've got over 5000 miles on mine with no problems so far. You should also consider putting a basket on your bike.

    All that being said Texas is one of the more friendly states to motorized bikes. So even if your bike doesn't exactly meet the legal requirements of a motorized scooter, just obey the traffic laws and you should be fine.