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    I am a mechanical designer and a bike enthusiast living in ON Canada. Bikes of all kinds have been my passion for years. It is great to see the increased attention for motorized bicycles and the growth of this gathering site. I have just finished my contribution to the sport and would like to share it. The costs where high but the test rides exposed a fine machine capable of generating a joker type smile. Features include, split drive pedal crank, the front derailer selects pedal or motor, seven speeds and a Honda four stroke. I will post photos in the gallery. I look forward to participating with discussions relating to Motored Bicycles.


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    Hi Ron. Welcome aboard.

    and we look forward to learning a bit more about this bike.

    I've always maintained that the bicycle is mankind's noblest invention. that might not be strictly true, but I'll bet it's in the top ten. sounds like you might be of a similar opinion.