Help Id these 2 new cylinders I got from amazon


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Jul 9, 2023
Ok so I am what's called a vine rep for amazon, may recognize the name if you ever read the reviews on products, seeing as I am a vine rep I get access to certain

products in exchange for my honest review of said product (says free but trust me there's nothing ever free) anyways so the deal is new sellers in order to generate

some reviews and such give amazon a certain amount of there wares to be listed for viners (that's right I went there) to use and review now that's out the way.

I picked up these 2 jugs from same seller and the only useful info in there listing was the fact there for motorized bicycles and that first one is a 100cc and second

is an 80cc, that is pretty much all they had on them, I know I know but well have a look at my pics and can any you guys tell me exactly what they are from I believe they

are made for the bullet train series but am not for sure I do know that everything about the 80cc is more or less that of an 80cc, It came with a single bottom gasket

that's identical to my other 80cc gaskets as well as one of my 80cc pistons fit like it should. but its the 100cc that's odd to say the least first thing is that massive hole

were the exhaust bolts up, and then there's the fact it came with a 100cc bottom gasket yet its bolt hole pattern is just a bit outside the 100cc bolt pattern.

Reason I wanna know exactly what there for is same reason any of you would wanna know I have atm 2 yd100 motors, 1 of them has been converted to an ld100

an pk80 as well as an iron sleeve 100cc the yd and ld 100s both have the 12mm wrist pin as well the zmn100 crank arm, not sure on the 80cc but the iron sleeve 100cc

has the AF80 connecting rod.

So my hope is that one of you maybe many of you know what I have in regards to these 2 jugs, and possibly what can be done with either or both thanks.


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Did they come with pistons? What are the measurements of the bores? They are both saw related cylinders the 100 looks better to me..
I have no idea what they are. One thing I do find odd is no piston with rings to go with it. Personally I wouldn't just buy a cylinder on it's own and hope to find a piston that may or may not fit.

I guess you could buy the jug, measure it and go to the piston store and hope they have the right size.

Then there is wrist pin height and diameter to consider. Lots of variables.