Help with a clutch problem


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Jan 17, 2008
OK, my clutch started slipping an would not adjust out, I was going to take it out and have a look at it. Now I removed all covers, removed the sprocket and figured that the clutch would just push out, but it would not, so the question is how do I removed the clutch,...........thanks Norm

This is on an 80cc Chinese HT
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hi ron; if you tried adj. with cable ends and couldnt get enough. put covers back on and pry clutch arm over and pull some more cable through it. this can take three hands.
there is an internal clutch adjustment on the ht. clutch cover already removed, the clutch is in the big gear. in the center is the adjuster with a small screw locking it from spinning, just remove the screw and turn the adjuster, not sure witch way, but its that simple. be sure to put locktite on the lock screw. hope that helps
Hi hill climber, looking at the clutch side theres no screw to remove, theres a thingy that looks like a washer center of the clutch plate with several half moons cut into the outer side with a slot cut down the middle like a screw driver slot which I turned ccw about 1/8 of an inch and could turn no futher moved back tried turning back cw moved about 1/8 in and would not move any more........................any more ideas?................thanks Norm
that washer looking thing with the half moons cut out is the adjuster. the cut outs are for the head of the small screw i speak of to lock it from turning. maybe the screw sheared off and is hanging the adjuster up from turning. hope this helps
Thanks hil climber, It's raining cats and dogs right now, I will check it out tomorrow if it quiets raining..............................Norm