Bike berry is funny. Trying to sell a shifter for a front derailleur as a clutch lever.


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Feb 19, 2023
Central MO, USA

Found this trying to find out if the clutch levers are short/standard pull or long pull. I know the clutch levers are just bike brake levers but selling an indexed shifter as a clutch lever is silly. A ratcheting friction shifter would work better but its not ideal. I saw one guy on here using a twist throttle on the left hand to actuate the clutch on a china doll. Thread 'Full suspension build ups and downs'

I'll check the clutch lever on a brake to see after work tomorrow. A little R&D for drop bars on a motorized bike I suppose. I am much more comfortable on bikes with drop bars, especially longer rides. Here's proof that I do indeed like to move my hands around, I had removed the bull horns to run integrated brake/rapid fire shifters and I regret it after half a mile every time I take this bike for a ride.


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