First Build Finished Just in Time For Winter...

He is selling the whole show with a motor? Even just the frame without a motor seems like a deal for 200.

As Damien said there will be issues with motor fitment. Maybe a 4 stroker jack shaft setup would be easier to mount.

Like the 100cc setup I have could fit.
There are a 2nd set of pictures where he showed the bike complete. Has some sort of jack shaft thing on there. And I have a feeling $200 is just the frame and he just showed pictures with tires, brakes, ect. $200 for just the frame with the tank does sound good already. I have no idea how much everything else would cost to have it complete but assuming it would still come in cheaper than a felt faker
All you have to do is think of the name of one car...YUGO...YUGO

I still remember one newscaster back in New England when we were giving military support over in the former Yugoslavia, and the news that day was when one of our bombs "accidently" hit and destroyed the Yugo manufacturing plant...The guy just about lost it and couldn't stop laughing while saying something to the effect that the "accidental" bombing had actually done the car buying world a

In my mechanic days, I always refused to work on them, I wouldn't even give them an oil change...They should have come from the factory with a DNR, (Do Not Resuscitate),

Ps...They actually came brand new with spare parts in the hatchback when sold, things they knew were going to fail almost immediately like the alternator, starter,

The drivers side sun visor when flipped down to hide the sun said do NOT exceed 45

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Did you hear , they're coming out with a new 4 door model.... Gonna call it "Y'all Go"