First time starting Phantom 85

NO...32:1 on a Phantom 85 is a Phantom killer.

Ratio after breakin is either stay at 20:1, which is what I do or go just a little less oil after the first 300 miles at 25:1 ratio...Never any less oil that that with a P-85 motor.

And they will punish you even worse if you go 32:1 ratio...They need the heavier oil ratio.
NO, the Avenger is a phantom killer.

Alright, then run 25:1.
Oh you're just sad I've moved on to the world of valves and pushrods.
Yep, you start over to the Dark Side and then try to kill all the Jedi and then blow up
Pretty soon they will convince you to go all the way to the Dark Side...With an