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    My name is Aaron, I'm from Kansas City, Missouri and I just got my Z2-80 Slant head motor from BoyGoFast on ebay and a nice 24" beach cruiser from walmart. Here are some pictures. I'm also having a bit of an issue if anyone can help..




    Now onto the issue....
    I tightened down my sprocket and it's quite snug, however, for some reason, it doesn't allow the axle to spin freely at the moment. As you can see, I have a coaster brake, but I've known some bikes with motors to have coaster brakes so I do not see the issue. Anyways, might anyone be able to help me with figuring out what exactly is the problem here? Why will my axle not spin?! :shout: lol

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    Rmerac...I have tried, but I can not display your pictures...I do have in the my personal bag of tricks, a url that may, or may not help you. It references a lot of special tools that are really quite common under other names...or...if you are mechanically inclined, you can work around pretty easy...I have done this with ordinary hand tools many times when I was younger.
    I hope this helps...like I said, disregard the special tools mentioned...for the most part they are really not necessary.
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    Haha, yeah, I realized after I tried posting it. It's because I wasn't given permissions to post links here. I'm a website designer, I'm all savvy in that area. Actually attending college for my Associates in Applied Science for Web Development/Coding.

    But nonetheless, I got my bike working after a few extra days. It's running great!
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    here's your pics----

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    Welcome Aaron :D

    I'm not sure I understand the problem with your wheel & axle.

    Also---- Front fenders can fail and cause injury!!

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    Thank you, Dave. You seem to always come thru in a pinch! I guess it is just superior intuition.
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